Why is Vijay Sethupathi the pride of Tamil cinema?

Last Updated: Tue, Apr 09, 2019 12:12 hrs

It looks like Vijay Sethupathi is slowly but surely becoming the pride of Tamil cinema and is the man of the moment. The spark of magic that a superstar brings along him, his very screen presence lights up the silver screen. He is the only actor in K-town who is willing to do scripts in different genre, experment like how heroes in Malayalam do and effortlessly emerge triumphant. 

He walks that extra mile to play a hero who gets beaten by his girlfriend, a gangster, mass hero, deadly villain, a common man, an old man, character artist, tribal and now a transgender. He is least bothered about his image and completely surrenders himself to the art. In a recent interview, Vijay Sethupathi said that the art is bigger than director or actor so there is no point in proving one’s position and acts like an achiever.

Almost all top heroes in Tamil cinema are trapped in "mass masala hardcore commercial cinema" and does not want to do anything new.  Vijay Sethupathi has also given hits and blockbusters but he doesn’t care about his stardom and in the same interview he said: “I don’t want others to decide the kind of films I act, they shouldn’t fix an image for me and limit the budget of my films. If needed, I will also go ahead and do big budget films”.

Interestingly, most of the directors including Balaji Tharaneetharan and Nalan Kumarasamy say that they don’t have Vijay Sethupathi in mind while penning the script and approached various actors before Vijay Sethupathi agreed to do their films. So basically, it’s Vijay Sethupathi who is ready to give up his remuneration and has the guts to experiment with different characters without getting trapped in an image.

A brilliant top actor recently refused to do a film on tight budget blaming that "his fans want such films"!! This is the case of all actors, as they want to do big budget movies with high-profile cast & crew and a heroine who charges nothing less than a few crores or even an import from Bollywood  

But Vijay Sethupathi is ready to romance heroines like Gayathrie or Ramya Nambeesan and he is okay with a lesser known young generation music composer or cameraman.
Vijay Sethupathi’s presence in Super Deluxe was a big boost to the film. Of course, the film had A-listers but had any other actor played the transgender role, Super Deluxe wouldn’t have generated this kind of response which the film enjoys now!

While actors like Ajith(Varalaru), Vikram(Kanthasamy) and even the multiple award-winning Kamal Haasan(Vishwaroopam) played effeminate roles for commercial reasons, Vijay Sethupathi did it only because the story demanded it and his performance also didn't stick out. There is no ‘mass’ action scene for Sethupathi in Super Deluxe, he is indeed an exception whereas despite playing such effeminate characters, the above said actors had hair-raising action scenes. 

We hope that the success of Makkal Selvan as he is known inspires more actors to experiment in future!