Why Preity refused to play a prostitute…

Last Updated: Fri, Apr 29, 2005 07:27 hrs

'True? we ask with keen anticipation?' “Yes, I did refuse the role of Madhubala in Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. I was keen on playing Rani's character instead,” she says plainly.

But what fazes us is why would she show door to the meatiest role in the film? Revealing costumes, fowl language, what was the reason behind saying a no? “Hey, pull a stop to your imagination” she mocks us.

“Not as scandalous as you put it, but yes, you are right in a way. I wasn't sure of the mannerisms it required out of me. That made me skeptical about the role too. So I told Abbas-Mustanji that I am better off it. But I have to tell you, don't be deceived by the soft-spoken brothers, they are the most stubborn duo, you'll ever come across! They came upto me and said that, 'Beta, we are sure you can do this role, you & only you have to do it” she imitates the men-in-white.

“So, they drove me around Grant Road, took me to some bars so that I understand their life and lingo. Must say, that was pretty useful. Initially, I was very depressed watching their conditions but then as I got to know better, I realized that, theirs is definitely not the ideal life one would ask for, but it certainly isn't as dreary as it is made out to be” Preity throws light.

“The women live with great gusto & spunk. I think we should stop paying lip service to their condition” she says flatly.

“Coming back to the film, once I got the groundwork going, I was far more confident and the next day, said yes to the role” Zinta smiles. And now does she thank the brothers for forcing her into it? “Oh, yes. I liked what I saw of Madhubala. I think more than me, Abbasji& Mastanji made her happen” smiles the dimpled dame.