Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 03 October 2014

Movie Title



Ravi K Chandran

Star Cast

Jiiva, Thulasi, Nassar

Ravi K Chandran?s Yaan is a mixed bag and the noted cameraman turned director seems to be largely influenced by Bollywood flicks. It is well made, glossy but lacks a proper script. It is visually stunning but something is missing in the narrative. Jiiva is riveting and does a decent job as a larger than-life- hero who can do comedy, dancing and action scenes with convictions.

The story is a bit dated and follows the commercial cinema format to the T. Chandru (Jiiva) is a good for nothing guy with a heart of gold who lives with his grandmother and has a ball with his friends. He falls head over heels in love with Srila (Thulasi) and wants to marry her, but her dad (Nasser) a military man opposes it. So he goes in search of a job to an Arab country, but is taken for a sucker ride by a travel agent. He finds himself in a maze and is about to be beheaded in a strange land.

There's a lot of romance, comedy. Song ?n? dance in the first half while in the second half it is all action. But even as the tone shifts uncomfortably from breezy, light-hearted fun, to heavy drama in the second half, you're never in danger of actually caring for the cardboard characters in this film. Manush Nandan camera is visually stunning, especially the song picturisation along with Sabu Cyril?s production design. Morocco locales passed off a fictitious Arab country is convincing and has been well etched.

Harris Jayaraj?s music is peppy especially the ?Athankarai..? song which has the right mix of a gaana song and a fast number. The fast paced action in the second half is well choreographed, especially the jail and street fight and chase scenes.

However the biggest problem with Yaan is that there are no twists and the climax is not convincing. The film could have been trimmed by atleast 15 minutes and songs in the second half act as speed breakers.

The only silverlining is Jiiva who not only brings an effortless, comfortable energy to Chandru but dances like a dream and you can?t take your eyes off him. Thulasi brings a charming, lovely touch to her role, but in most of the scenes looks bigger than the hero. She has to work with taller heroes or lose more weight to sustain in the industry. Nassar and Jayaprakash is wasted in insipid roles.

Verdict: Average

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