Yaman review: An intense political drama

A rare kind of film which transports you bang in the middle of its action


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 25 February 2017

Movie Title

Yaman review: An intense political drama


Jeeva Shankar

Star Cast

Vijay Antony, Miya George

Vijay Antony's Yaman is an intense political drama. The brave manner in which director Jeeva Shankar mirrors the dangerous political scenario in our country is intelligently packaged.

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The best thing about the film is its racy presentation and unpredictable twists and turns which comes at regular intervals till the last scene. Thank God, there is no introduction scene, punchlines or mass kuthu numbers for the hero that deviate your attention.

Tamizharasan (Vijay Antony), is a scheming young man who makes use of all the opportunities that comes his way to climb up the political ladder and how he goes about it and eliminates his opponents is the plot line. The character of Tamizharasan is well etched out as a cool, calculative and deadly manipulator. He does not speak much (excessive talk seldom makes for exciting viewing). Vijay Antony underplays his supersized image that strikes you, he nails the character and ultimately becomes one single reason to watch the film.

The film is all about the extent people will go to, driven by a greed for power and thirst for revenge. The film’s first half is immensely engaging, the various machinations making for thrilling entertainment. Heroine Miya George in a small but significant role shines, as she not only looks pretty but has done a commendable job.

Performances from veterans like Thiagarajan and Charlie are a big bonus while small characters and the newcomers (especially Arul Jyothi, the guy who played the minister) have all done a brilliant job.

The master stroke in Yaman however, is the BGM which is a major plus for the movie. Among the songs, Yem Mela Kai Vachaa Gaali  is a rocking number. Jeeva Shankar's visuals are top notch and editing by Veera Senthil Raj is taut.

By way of indulgences, a film actress falling in love with the hero is a bit far-fetched. To conclude, Yaman is a film with many layers, and one with solid drama at its core, which makes it such an engaging watch. It is that rare kind of film which transports you bang in the middle of its action.

Yaman review- Verdict: Good, go for it!

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