Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 11 June 2013

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Star Cast

Sathya, Sriramya, Vinothini, Aadukalam Naren

Yamuna is a very confusing film. It starts off as a campus love story and post interval turns into how young girls fall into call girl racket and flesh trade. The debutant director wants to make a message film which is neither here nor there.

The campus scenes are cliched and like in all Tamil films, college campus is the place to have good fun and frolic and no studies. A college professor is after the same girl as his student! Our hero falls in love at first look and then becomes obsessive lover. Humour comes in the form of a student walking into a lady?s washroom and coming out holding hands with a middle-aged cleaning woman!

Bhaskar (Sathya) an engineering student falls in love with Yamuna (Sri Ramya), his beautiful mysterious classmate. Yamuna a studious student is not willing to express her love even when Bhaskar threatens to jump from top of the college building. More mush and melodrama follows till a drunk Bhaskar taken by a rich friend to a brothel meets Yamuna there!

The best etched character is that of Vinodini who plays the kingpin behind the flesh trade, while heroine Sri Ramya is passable. The hero played by Sathya overacts and the climax is predictable. The first and second halves of the film look like two separate films.

Verdict ? Boring

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