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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 14 March 2010

Movie Title



R Balakumar

Star Cast

Sachin, Sunaina

Even when Tamil cinema seems to be desperately trying to change, R Balakumar?s Yathumaagi comes and pushes it back to the 70 and 80?s period. The film has no connect with today?s audiences and has utter disregard for story, screenplay, dialogues and direction.

It looks like a film made by a bunch of bored individuals armed with enough money to make something that makes no difference to anyone living on this planet. This film has Sunaina ? playing ?I am a village belle just settled in the city? girl who falls in love with a fashion photographer Anand (Sachin). They keep meeting each other almost throughout the film; while crossing the road, when it rains, when the sun shines, on the beach, in her street and almost everywhere accidentally.

Problems arise when Anand fails to recognize the lady?s love and opts to marry another girl! There is a twist in the tale when his ?to be? wife is caught talking to a guy who happens to be her lover. Anand stays true to his persona and calls off his marriage. Twist in the tale ensues when Anna Lakshmi learns that Anand hails from a rich family and that he never got married in the first place; the rest of the film shows how Anna Lakshmi charms her guy and marries him.

The apparent faux paus of the writer seems to be that he has built his character with no flesh or blood and merely written to fill up the screen space. The story meanders towards nothing as the director himself does not know how to end the audience?s torture. The cat and mouse game between the lead pair is out of scope for the writer, who seems to have reduced everyone on screen to mere caricatures with usual clich?s. Emotions that are supposed to look romantic look out of place, while dialogues that are meant to evoke a smile end up stuffing chilies inside our ears.

The ?supposedly? cute romance between Anna Lakshmi and Anand turns out to be boring, bland and unimpressive. It?s almost as if nothing happens in the story while the scenes that play out on the screen and its dialogues cloud our brain cells. The only saving grace of this film happens to be Sunaina, the young actress who looks hot and ravishing especially in songs and manages to make the audience sit through this ordeal. New comer Sachin is nothing to write about; however one feels sorry for this lad for having landed in a project that spells doom with precision.

James Vasanth?s music is pleasant but it alone cannot save the film. The contrived comical situations throughout the film by our hero?s side kick don?t evoke any sort of a laugh. Directors like Bala Kumar should first get a good script before venturing out to make such boring movies.

Verdict: Disappointing

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