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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 02 November 2009

Movie Title



Udaya Prakash

Star Cast

Yogish, Shirin, Biaenca Desai

A hotchpotch masala film, ?Yogi? is loaded with gimmicks, trials and tribulations of an innocent youth. Yogish and Shirin lift the film to some extent but on the whole it is disappointing.

A supplier in the Naidu Hotel Yogi (Yogish) is a staunch fan of power star Puneeth Rajakumar. He is honest and strong enough. In a scuffle in his hotel, Yogi kills a famous don KK?s brother and stuns everyone. The encounter which another don Babu was supposed to do Yogi does and this act earns him a place in the underworld.

It becomes inevitable for Yogi to join Babu?s Gang. Yogi in search of his girl friend Mala (Biaenca Desai) a childhood friend deviate his mind from the underworld. Yogi after rigorous search, finally finds Mala but there is conflict of interest between love and his profession of rowdyism. The rest of the film is an insipid attempt only interest the B and C center audience.

After playing an urchin rowdy, slum boy, cobbler, deep lover in his previous films, Yogi is seen here as a waiter in this film. He is good in causal delivery of dialogues. Shirin has chosen a rough role for the first time in her career. As Paddu she very is attractive and in the song Hai Maga Cigarette Kodu?. (Sung by AR Rehana) she is absorbing. Beautiful looking Biaenca Desai has very little to perform. Suchendra Prasad as a don Babu is convincing. Praveen as KK opponent don is OK. Rekha in a song number gives a treat to the front benchers.

Emil strikes in three tunes ? Hai Maga cigarette Kodu?.Ninnomme Nakre Saaku Eno Ullasa and Ardhambardha Dadi bitkondu?. Dasari Seenu camera work is appropriate.

Verdict ? Average OTHER CONTENTS

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