Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 24 April 2015

Movie Title



Kamal G

Star Cast

Yashmith, Siddu, Shaam, Pradeep Balaji, Arun, Sakshi Aggarwal

Yoogan fills this week's horror movie quota in Tamil cinema but unfortunately this one fails to impress.

Five friends Vinay (Yashmith), David (Siddu), Rahul (Shaam), Aamir (Pradeep Balaji) and Manoj (Arun) are experiencing paranormal activities. Surprisingly, one by one get murdered with a strange MMS. Two police officersstart investigating the case and they came to know that four out of five friends were the reason behind suicide of a young girl Pooja (Sakshi Aggarwal). The rest of the story tells us whether all these murders are happening becauseof the ghost Pooja or it is a mere revenge by someone close to her.

Yoogan follows the same template of all the horror movies, here too we are shown large bungalows, creepy sound effects and amusing camera angles but despite all these elements, the film hardly scare us and there is not even a single frightening moment in the film.

The film's production value clearly gives us an idea about the budget invested but at least they could have bought two pair of uniforms for both the police officers and a set for police station would have been really great!

There is nothing much to talk about the performances of the actors in the film as most of the time the camera angles and music dominate them.

Overall, Kamal G's idea of making a horror movie with minimum budget andrunning time is laudable but where is the deadly ghost?

Verdict: Below Average

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