Zero review: Sincere but sloppy

Zero review: Sincere but sloppy



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 31 March 2016

Movie Title

Zero review: Sincere but sloppy


Shiv Mohaa

Star Cast

Ashwin, Sshivada, Ravi Ragavendra, JD Chakravarthy

Sometimes debut directors completely surprise us with their ideas and execution, especially the way they ambitiously attempt out-of-the-box ideas with limited production values. But will our audiences welcome such an incredibly unique movie?

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Bala (Ashwin) marries Priya (Sshivada) against his dad’s (Ravi Raghavendra) wish. Apparently Priya has a bizarre back story as her mom was mentally challenged during her pregnancy and her death was cruel.

Bala’s dad fears that Priya too will become like her mom and added to all this mayhem, she has a uterus complication and she can’t give birth!!

Post marriage, Priya experiences strange changes that at point of time she becomes a potential life threat to her husband.  Priya constantly sleep walks, goes to a dream land, where speaks with her dead mom and she is willing to stay there forever. So what is haunting Priya? Why does she act strangely and can Bala saves her life? Watch out on the big screen.  

First of all kudos to the debutant director Shiv Mohaa, as he has given us a film with a well researched script. As a script, Zero is brilliant and it gives the experience of reading Dan Brown’s novel but towards the climax, some bizarre twists and low production values turn villain.

On the downside, the film looks tacky most of time with some poor make-up and pathetic CG work (The white snake which appears now and then is just plain tacky). The special effects in the end seem as if they had been drawn by hand rather than being computer-generated.

Performance wise, the film belongs to Sshivada. The actress steals the show completely, they way she fears in the first half are top notch and post intermission, her transmission as fearless Lillith(!!) is amazing.

Ashwin must be appreciated to accept a film, where the heroine has great scope and he too has given a commendable performance. The scene where multiple Ashwins confusing Sshivada is well shot, where the actor has proved his versatility.

Nivas K Prasanna’s songs are soulful while his background score elevates the movie to a different level. Debutant cinematographer Babu Kumar’s work is commendable; his vivid color tones for different situations are excellent.

To conclude, audiences who seek unique attempts may like Zero. If you are one, try it out!

Zero review: Verdict: Sincere but sloppy

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