10 questions I'm dying to ask Sonia Gandhi

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Last Updated: Wed, Oct 31st, 2012, 15:21:44hrs
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10 questions I'm dying to ask Sonia Gandhi
Question 1: Unofficially you are the most powerful person in India. But officially you are President of the Congress party, Chairperson of the UPA, Chairperson of the National Advisory Council and Member of Parliament of Rae Bareli. Phew! That’s quite a handful! But you still behave as if you are the most private person in India and your secrets are greater than the nation’s top security secrets. How do you get away with it?

Question 2:
You have turned down the post of Prime Minister twice. The first time was in 1991 and the second time was in 2004. While the first was understandable due to the tragic assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, what was the reason for the second time around? This especially considering the fact that you were so keen in the late 1990s. You even made a grave calculation error to that effect while claiming the PM’s post. Subramanian Swamy claimed that he wrote a letter to the President claiming you were ineligible. But what was the real reason for that bolt from the blue?

Question 3:
Why are all your foreign visits so secretive? In today’s age of 24X7 TV and Twitter, no world leader of a democracy can claim to travel in such secrecy, but how do you get away with it? In India, at least you are powerful and can stop the news from coming out. But how do you get away with anonymity while visiting a foreign country?

Question 4: The Right To Information Act has been a revolution and has many ministers running for cover. Thank you for helping to bring it about. But after saying that, how does it not apply to you? The RTI is a constitutional act and how does it appear to the common citizen that you seem to be above the Constitution?

Question 5: “Exemption from pre-embarkation security checks: Shri Robert Vadra, while traveling with SPG protectees.” How did you amazingly get this sign put up at all airports for the “private” person that is your son-in-law? What is his constitutional status? What is his official status? I imagine that even US President Barack Obama would be unable to put his son-in-law’s name on an airport notice. How do you manage to be so ultra-powerful?

Question 6: What was the mystery illness that you had in 2011? All the Congresspersons called it a private matter. But as I have said in Question 1, you are probably the most public person in this country. Again invoking the US President, even he wouldn’t be able to get away with such a thing. Can a company Chairman hide his illnesses from his shareholders? You are in power and all of us common citizens are the shareholders of this country.

Question 7: Why are we common citizens not allowed to know your official income or the income tax that you pay? While all the IT paid by individuals and companies become public knowledge, what is the danger in divulging your income? Again, how do you get away so smoothly with your zero transparency policy?

Question 8: Most world leaders shudder when allegations come their way. Many have their careers end because of it. How come you manage to shake them all so beautifully like a duck shakes off water? The New York based news website Business Insider claimed you were the fourth richest politician in the world with your net worth in the region of $2-19 billion! The Indian media chose to ignore this and you did not fit to see it to even sue this news site! Subramanian Swamy also claimed that your family benefited to the tune of thousands of crores of Rupees in the 2G scam. Why does Swamy roam freely making all sorts of allegations against you without being charged for making baseless claims?

Question 9: Right now the stock of the Congress is at an all-time low. The scams are coming non-stop. But in the latest cabinet reshuffle you literally cocked a snook at the common man. Salman Khurshid did not dispel the scam allegations against him, threatened India Today and Arvind Kejriwal and also dismissed the common voter. He was promoted. Another foot in the mouth man Manish Tewari also got into the cabinet. Is there something you know about 2014 that we don’t know that you are behaving in such a brazen manner?

Question 10: Why don’t you fight your own battles but get others to do it for you? Especially the Congress spokespersons who are unleashed on the public like a pack of barking dogs. When BJP leader LK Advani called the UPA an illegitimate government in Parliament, instead of getting up and taking him head on, you turned around and coaxed your MPs to hit back.

And some questions I’m dying to ask the Indian media…
Why are you such downright sissies when it comes to the issue of Sonia? Why are you petrified of criticizing her? Why are you petrified of investigating anything even remotely concerning her? How do you willingly accept her zero transparency while shamelessly hounding all other leaders for every insignificant thing, especially if they are from the Opposition? What’s the grand secret that all media house owners know and the common citizen doesn’t have the foggiest idea about?

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