10 random wishes for 2014

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 31, 2013 12:58 hrs

​1. Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister.

The Congress has lost the mandate to rule. The Third Front will be equally disastrous. The NDA is the only alternative. The Gujarat Chief Minister is the best bet from the BJP and is already their PM candidate. This simple reasoning has left till many recently borderline people rooting for Modi.

Modi is pro-development and has governed Gujarat well over the lost odd decade.He is the most inspiring orator in India today. All in all a good bet to become PM and bring back the economy back on track.

2. Assembly polls are decisive.

India goes to the polls in Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha and Sikkim. Here's hoping that they lead to a decisive verdict and not hung Assemblies. Arunachal has also seen instability. After a coalition government till 2007, the Congress came to power. But Dorjee Khandu died in 2011 and the State has seen two CMs till then.

In Haryana, Bhoopinder Singh Hooda will have to counter anti-incumbency both at the national and State level. Maharashtra looks to continue for a 4-way split between the Congress, NCP, BJP and Shiv Sena yet again. Naveen Patnaik will be seeking his fourth term.

Pawan Kumar Chamling on the other hand, will be seeking his fifth straight term in Sikkim!

One also hopes that Delhi also sees some stability in 2014.

3. Telangana issue is resolved conclusively.

The Congress decided to grant Statehood to Telangana and since then everything has been happening in slow motion. Never has any new Statehood been so botched up. While there were allegations that they took the decision just to get Lok Sabha seats in 2014, the whole thing was done in a ham handed manner.

Nobody knows what still knows what the capital of Seemandhra will be and there was briefly a rumour that we would have a RayalTelangana. Andhra Pradesh also has Assembly polls in 2014 and what will happen then is anyone's guess.

4. Section 377 is scrapped.

This particular section of the Constitution is a relic of the British Raj and was very rightly done away with by the Delhi High Court. The Supreme Court has lobbed the ball in the court of Parliament. This current government has already sent a review petition on the SC order, but here's hoping that they do away with it and grant full rights to the LGBT community in India and they finally stop being persecuted.

5. We win the T20 World Cup.

The 2007 win already seems like ancient history and we have come a cropper in the subsequent editions. We have a good chance in 2014 for the simple reason that all out young guns are firing as seen by the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy victory.

Since it will be held in Sri Lanka, it will be familiar territory for our batsman and spinners. MS Dhoni was back in the game with his captaincy in 2013 and here's hoping that he can score a hat-trick in terms of total world cup wins.

6. We avenge 0-4 with England.

A whopping 5 Tests are scheduled for India when they tour England in June. It's high time that our 0-4 loss of 2011 was avenged. While our inflicting a similar score line on them is next to impossible, the Indians would even take something like 2-1.

5 ODIs are also scheduled and with our winning the ICC Champions Trophy in England, we should be hopeful in that at least.

7. Afghanistan doesn't become a messier place.

By the end of 2014, the American troops are scheduled to pull out of Afghanistan. If things get worse after that, then the whole sub-continent, India included, will be under threat. It was Winston Churchill who first said that the zone was unwinnable.

The Russian empire collapsed in Afghanistan. Even the Americans haven't made much headway there. Since all the world powers have tried their hand there, one hopes that we finally have a stable and independent Afghanistan.

8. Lokpal delivers the goods.

So after being first introduced in Parliament in 1968, the Lokpal is finally passed by both Houses in 2013!

So all the debate has ended on what the Lokpal should be and it is becoming a reality. So here's hoping that the Lokpal is effective and starts delivering the goods from 2014 onwards.

9. We better our Commonwealth Games tally.

We won 13 Golds in the 1990 edition, the first time we reached double figures. We bettered that with 30 in 2002 and 38 in 2010. So can we better even that tally in the 2014 games? We have been doing better in both the Olympics and CWG in the last odd decade.

10. Pappu quits politics.

The Congress is not that a bad party and it has its share of good leaders, but when they have to play second fiddle to the dynasty, that's when the problem starts. Sycophancy rules and the leaders start taking strange decisions.

Lal Bahadur Shastri laid the foundations of the Green Revolution and won our very first decisive war in 1965.PV Narasimha Rao unveiled Liberalization, arguably India's most important post-Independence move.

If Congress Vice PresidentRahul Gandhi steps out of the race, then senior Congress leaders could rebuild the party. It may be noted that he has zero days experience as even a government official forget minister.

Here's hoping for two strong parties in the form of the Congress and the BJP and a healthy two-party system for India.