10 reasons why we shouldn't have talks with Pakistan...

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Last Updated: Mon, Aug 24th, 2015, 10:06:21hrs
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10 reasons why we shouldn't have talks with Pakistan...
1. They attacked us immediately after birth...

Both the Congress and Muslim League won Independence together. Both Indian and Pakistan were poor at birth and faced similar problems. And yet instead of setting their house in order, Pakistan made an illegal grab at Kashmir and this set both countries back considerably.

They sent militants into Kashmir on the sly who indulged in loot and rape and that totally vitiated the atmosphere in the Valley. They have been belligerent without reason right from Day 1.

2. The 1965 war typically came out of nowhere...

Despite everything Pakistan was more cohesive and doing better than many economic indicators initially. Yet in 1965 first they initiated the Rann of Kutch conflict and later an all-out war. Pakistan is a smaller country with absolutely no chance of ever capturing Kashmir and yet they are tremendously delusional.

It is dangerous to have talks with a delusional party. The outcome will always be zero.

3. The Bangladeshis Genocide...

Certain sources put the toll of this genocide at 3 million and lakhs of women were raped. When this is the way they treat their own citizens, will they ever care for Indians even remotely? India comprehensively defeated Pakistan in the 1971 war and yet Pakistan continued to be delusional.

In fact the attitude still continues and in the last decade Pakistan terror groups have killed tens of thousands of Pakistani citizens. It is doubtful they will ever care for Indian citizens.

4. They eyed Siachen...

Pakistan is always on the lookout for areas to capture from India and way to create trouble. This was a rare occasion when India took pre-emptive action in 1984 and secured the glacier. Whenever India talks and is generous, Pakistan hits back. Only pre-emptive action can yield dividends with our arch enemy.

5. They supported Khalistan...

While they shouted from the rooftops that Kashmir was disputed, there was absolutely no problem with Punjab. However when the Khalistan movement erupted in the 1980s and 1990s, they went out of their way to support Khalistani terror groups.

6. They masterminded terror in Kashmir...

In 1989 Pakistan started sending terrorists into Kashmir and tens of thousands have been killed thanks to that. In a way this proxy war has been running non-stop for more than 25 years and it is very difficult to think of any other country that could have taken things lying down like this.

Talks cannot end this violence.

7. They launched the Kargil War...

Despite losing the 1971 war comprehensively they said they would eat grass to build the atomic bomb. They risked economic bankruptcy and did nuclear tests of their own after Pokhran II.

Then they unleashed the Kargil war in 1999. This after the then Prime Minister AB Vajpayee held out the hand of friendship.

8. Post 9/11, they shifted terror to the rest of India...

First they eyed Kashmir. Then Siachen. Then Khalistan. Despite losing on all fronts, they then eyed the rest of India. They made a desperate attempt to support terror groups and foment trouble all over India.

26/11 was just one of their many plans. Some succeeded while others didn't. You cannot talk when the other party is continuously attacking.

9. They benefit from talks, we don't...

Pakistan is heavily dependent on foreign countries (especially America) for economic and military support. The Pakistan government has absolutely no independence and relies on funds from all over just to survive.

The only reason Pakistan wants to talk with India is to satisfy its benefactors and keep the funds going. They have absolutely no interest in peace with India and that's why talks will never yield anything meaningful.

10. Its high time we asked for a free Balochistan...

There is a genuine movement in Balochistan for freedom from Pakistan. When they are trying to split India at every turn, why shouldn't India ask for a free Balochistan? In fact when China asks for Arunachal Pradesh, India should ask for a free Tibet.

As they say, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Pakistan lives in a very delicate glass house and keeps throwing stones but India has proved to be a very soft State which does absolutely nothing.

Since all talks have failed, India should shift gears.

So if you look at in this way then right from 1947 through 2015 Pakistan has been plotting against India 24X7 and there are very few periods of peace. It's been a never-ending saga of wars, conflicts and terror attacks.

It's high time India shelved talks and switched to action.

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