2.9 crore Indian job seekers' data leaked on dark web: Report

Source : IANS
Author : IANS
Last Updated: Sun, May 24th, 2020, 00:56:09hrs
2.9 crore Indian job seekers' data leaked on dark web: Report

New Delhi: In a startling revelation, cyber-security researchers have claimed that a hacker has posted personal details of nearly 2.9 crore Indian job seekers at one of the hacking forums on the dark web for free.

As part of the regular sweep over the deep web and dark web, researchers from cyber-security firm Cyble came across an interesting item, where a threat actor posted 2.3GB (zipped) file on one of the hacking forums.

"The leak actually has a lot of personal details of millions of Indian job seekers from different states," Cyble said in its blog on Friday.

This breach includes sensitive information such as email, phone, home address, qualification and work experience, etc. from job seekers spanning across states, from New Delhi to Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for such personal information to conduct various nefarious activities such as identity thefts, scams, and corporate espionage.

"It appears to have originated from a resume aggregator service given the sheer volume and detailed information," it added.

Cyble indexed this information on its data-breach monitoring and notification platform (AmIBreached.com).

"Cyble researchers have identified a sensitive data breach on the dark web where an actor has leaked personal details of nearly 29 million Indian job seekers from various states.

"Cyble's team is still investigating this further and will be updating their article as they bring more facts to the surface," it said in a statement.

Cyble said it has acquired the leaked data.

The same cyber security firm earlier exposed that Bengaluru-based edutech firm Unacademy was hacked.

According to Cyble researchers, nearly 22 million Unacademy user accounts were affected and the data was dumped and sold on the dark web.

"We would like to assure our users that no sensitive information such as financial data or location has been breached," said Hemesh Singh, Co- founder and CTO, Unacademy, in a statement.

In April, hackers sold personal data of a whopping 267 million Facebook users for just Rs 41,500 (approximately 500 euros) that includes email addresses, names, Facebook IDs, dates of birth and phone numbers.

No passwords of the 267 million Facebook users were exposed by the hacker, according to Cyble.