5 ways people are still rubbishing Modi's win

Last Updated: Wed, May 21, 2014 09:11 hrs

1. BJP won only 31%: A highly convoluted logic is being floated around that since only 31% people voted for the BJP, 69% people rejected them. The biggest problem with this is that the BJP did not contest in more than 100 seats and hence they got a 0% vote share there.

These were handed over to the allies and hence one has to see the vote share of the NDA which stands at a much higher 38.5%. And it’s not as if the 61.5% has rejected them, it simply means that 61.5% did not vote for the NDA.

Why are so many voters undecided? Most are confused between 2-3 parties till the end, and are forced to choose one. That’s not a rejection but the limitations of one’s choice. Only if you come in the bottom half of the vote share in a constituency can you have said to be rejected.

In fact in 2004 the Congress got a pathetic 26.5% vote share and still ruled India. That’s a whopping 12% below the current NDA in 2014. Carrying this logic forward since the greatest mandate in the India was 1984 and Rajiv Gandhi polled just 49%, 51% of the people of India rejected him!

Then what about those people who don’t vote in the elections? Aren’t they rejecting the government too? Bringing in those figures one can say almost all of the governments in India were rejected by a whopping two-thirds of India!

Only 10 crore people voted for the Congress. But the population of India is 121 crores. So haven't 111 crore people rejected the Congress? 92% of India has rejected Congress you may well say.

Even in America, Al Gore polled more votes than George W Bush and still lost the US Presidential elections.

My God! Democracy is so bad! What should we replace it with? Dictatorship? Martial law? Communism?

As George Bernard Shaw said: Democracy is the worst form of government, but there is no better!

Live with it!

Fact of the day…

171 million people voted for the BJP.

That’s an all-time global record. Never in the history of mankind have so many people voted for one single party.

2. Muslims rejected Modi: Is there any Prime Minister of India who has been rejected by the Sikhs? The Christians? The Dalits? The Jats? Putting it the other way: Has there been any government in India that has been accepted by each and every caste group and each and every religious group?

Is that possible? Isn’t that why democracy was created in the first place? Despite severe differences, one has to take a decision and move forward.

Tamil Nadu has rejected the Congress for 47 years. West Bengal has rejected the Congress for 37 years. The BJP never ruled there in the first place. They constitute a whopping 16 crore people. So should we do away with the two-party system?

3. It was all PR and marketing and money: The Congress had much greater muscle power and money power than the BJP. Rahul Gandhi was marketed like crazy by the Congress. From 2004 till recently the entire mainstream media rubbished Modi and backed the Congress.

Despite that the BJP thrashed the Congress 282-44. That itself should tell you something.

More than 200 million people voted for the NDA, most of them from villages and most of them without access to Internet and TV. So if you say that Modi won because of marketing and money then you are in fact insulting more than 200 million people.

It may be noted that in a cricket crazy country like India, only 135 million people watched the 2011 ODI World Cup final.

India has just witnessed the highest ever percentage turnout in Independent India’s history and some people are still rubbishing the Indian electorate.

Think it over…

The richest candidate in India’s history and the only dollar billionaire in the form of Nandan Nilekani lost by 2,28,575 votes.

4. Godhra hangs over him: Gujarat saw Independent India’s first major riot in 1969 under Congress rule. Since then Gujarat has been seeing regular communal tensions. Modi inherited 40+ years of this communal tension and then Godhra happened just after he took over.

The courts said that the riots were sparked by a mob burning a train that had nothing to do with Modi. The Modi administration arrested a record number of people and a record number of people were taken into preventive custody.

A record number of Hindus were killed in police shooting. The most massive witchhunt in the history of Independent India against Modi yielded nothing. Whether you like it or not, find the whole affair perfect or not, the truth is that the Indian system has cleared Modi.

5. He’ll convert India into a Fascist state: A common theme greedily picked up by the foreign press. Jawaharlal Nehru curbed free speech via the First Amendment. Rajiv Gandhi tried to muzzle the press with the Anti-Defamation Bill. Section 66A was introduced under the Sonia Gandhi Raj.

But the BJP has to be attacked for free speech.

Book banning flourished under the Congress. It stopped under the BJP-led government from 1998-2004. It started again under the Manmohan Singh regime.

But beware of the BJP.

Communist violence has claimed more lives than any other ideology. Just look at Naxalism, Maoism, West Bengal and the violence immediately after Independent India which has by and large been ignores.

Maximum communal riots have happened under Congress Chief Ministers.

The biggest abuser of Article 356 is Congress.

Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv and now Sonia run the party with an iron fist. The devotion all of them share within the party is akin to a Fascist leader.

All India’s intellectuals, liberals and seculars wear magical glasses which filter out Congress misdeeds and magnify BJP ones.

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