8 last laughs of Subramanian Swamy...

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Last Updated: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015, 10:09:05hrs
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8 last laughs of Subramanian Swamy...
BJP leader Subramanian Swamy is seen as a crank and a maverick. A lot of people hate his guts and call most of his allegations as far-fetched conspiracies. He is seen as someone from the far Right who is irrelevant to Indian politics.

However Swamy has an uncanny knack of being proved right in the end. They say that he who laughs last laughs the longest.

That is definitely the case with Swamy and one of his most popular memes shows him laughing out loud with his hands raised.

1. Sunanda Pushkar death: There was a full-blown Twitter spat between Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar and the late Sunanda Pushkar. Sunanda called many senior journalists in desperation before her death.

However at that time no media house investigated it in detail and did a few speculative stories here and there. Only Swamy was shouting “murder” from the rooftops. Now the Delhi Police agrees with him and it's going to be one high-profile investigation.

2. Jaya's corruption: In 1996, Swamy filed a disproportionate assets case against ADMK supremo Jayalalithaa. Then the people of Tamil Nadu and the media by and large forgot about it.

In 2011, the ADMK won the elections and did great in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. With the DMK in total disarray, Jaya seemed invincible. Then she got the infamous conviction. She may have got judicial relief, but she cannot sit on the CM's chair.

It was not on anyone's mind for the last few years, but Swamy is like an elephant who never forgets.

3. Sonia's corruption: For 10 years Congress President Sonia Gandhi indirectly ruled India with an iron fist. Her party worshipped her. Opposition leaders stayed clear of her. Senior journalists were petrified of her.

Only Swamy took her head-on, calling her demoness Tadaka on his Twitter account and alleging that her family was involved in the 2G scam. When he invoked the National Herald scam, nobody seemed impressed and one TV channel even flashed: Where is the scam?

However in a huge victory, the case has finally reached courts and both Sonia and her son Rahul may have to appear in court in 2015.

4. The 2G case: In 2009, an NGO complained to the CVC alleging irregularities in the 2G spectrum allocation. Soon the CBI and Income Tax department got involved. By the time Swamy threw his hat in the ring it had become a big story.

Swamy went after A Raja and the latter resigned as Telecom Minister and was subsequently jailed.

5. End of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty: Swamy doesn't think much of Jawaharlal Nehru and was one of the biggest opponents of Indira Gandhi during the Emergency. He has been Sonia's biggest critic in politics. He was one of the first people to call Rahul's bluff when the mainstream media was gushing about him post-2009.

He has become the biggest attacker of Priyanka Vadra. And he has witnessed the dynasty being totally decimated. The Congress has just 44 Lok Sabha seats and the days of Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka may be totally over.

6. Ram Sethu: Conceptually the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project between India and Sri Lanka has been around for ages and was approved by the Vajpayee government. It went into an advanced stage when Karunanidhi was Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and had the approval of the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh post-2004.

The only thorn in the flesh was Swamy and he got a stay from the Supreme Court to stall the project as it would hurt the sentiments of those who believe in Ram Sethu. Finally in 2013, a government committee found the project economically and ecologically unviable.

7. His hated leaders:
Whoever Swamy goes against seem to lose in the long run: Whether it is Sonia or Tharoor or Raja or Jaya. He attacked his own party mate the then Chief Minister of Karnataka Ramakrishna Hegde into oblivion.

He hated AB Vajpayee too and saw his defeat in 2004 to see a new BJP leadership which finally accepted him in its ranks. He viciously attacked Robert Vadra and the latter is in a soup now.

8. Hindutva card: Swamy has been a strong proponent of the Hindutva card for ages now and till now he was seen as the fringe.

However with the new BJP government at the helm, he is using it like a trump card.

Once shunned by most of the TV channels, today he is the most sought after panel participant.

Post script

So what is next? He has been going hammer and tongs after former Finance/Home Minister P Chidambaram. Then there's the Aircel-Maxis case, the AirAsia clearance, the Jet-Etihad deal... These are just some of the many bees in his bonnet.

Going by Swamy's track record, they must be mighty scared indeed!

His Twitter account @Swamy39 is quite happening as you can see by a few of his latest Tweets of the last fortnight or so...

Would PTs approve if I file a Disproportionate Assets case against a former print media editor? Of course Sunanda case is before that

A complaint will go soon to initiate action under PMLA on Aamir Khan & co for laundering terrorist finance. I hope MoF does not block it.

TN cinemas run by Eli drug money and Bollywood by gold bars of terror financiers!! Must search for cure

PC may be, later this year, prosecuted for manipulating the tender issued for Home Ministry purchase of sniper rifles and bullet proof vests

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