80 pounds fragrance made from fungus 'more expensive than gold'

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 04, 2010 10:40 hrs

A new fragrance launched by Jo Malone has been made out of - fungus.

The Oud and Bergamot Cologne Intense was launched in July that is priced at 80 pounds, costlier than gold, reports the Daily Mail.

Oud isn't a fungus as such, but a resinous liquid that comes from infected wood found in the trunk of the Aquilaria tree, indigenous to South-East Asia.

Also known as Agar wood, the infected parts of the trunk are removed and the oud resin extracted. Just like wine, the older the oud the better it is.

This is one of the reasons why it is also one of the most expensive raw materials in a perfumery.

The finest may range from 2,000 pounds to 3,000 pounds for 12 ounces, perfume expert, Roja Dove said.

The liquid has long been a prized ingredient in Middle Eastern perfumery and has also interested names like Tom Ford and Armani.

"Women who like a deep, sensual fragrance will like the dark, velvet quality of the oud, lifted by the freshness of bergamot", Jo Malone's Dominic de Vetta said. (ANI)