A totally mad and crazy day on Twitter!

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 16, 2014 06:24 hrs

Sometimes the medium of Twitter is absolutely stellar  for spreading information, launching revolutions and showing the world how the print medium is on the it’s long road to extinction.

At other times it just borders on the bizarre and jumps from one mistake to another. Today was one of those days when just about nothing seemed right on Twitter.

First the official Twitter account of Indian Express newspaper @IndianExpress flashed the following Tweet…

Our movement was never anti-Cong. It was and is anti-BJP: Manish Sisodia @ #IdeaExchange

That virtually set the cat among the pigeons and after hundreds of RTs, MTs and @ mentions for the AAP leader, this Tweet spread like wildfire.

AAP bashing began on a large scale and all the rival political parties, with the BJP in particular, jumped on it and milked it dry.

All that in just half an hour which can produce more comments than an entire fleet of newspapers on a busy morning news stand! AAP and Indian Express just didn’t know what hit them and the latter soon deleted the original Tweet and re-issued the following clarification…

Correction: Our movement was never anti-Congress. It was and is anti-corruption, says Manish Sisodia @ #IdeaExchange
If that wasn’t enough, they followed it up with…

There was a typo in one of our earlier tweets from the Idea Exchange. We are sorry for the error and the correct tweet has been posted.

If that wasn’t enough, they came out with an entire news report explaining the whole fiasco.

It is no wonder that Shekhar Gupta, editor-in-chief of the Indian Express hates the medium and dissuades his journalists from Tweeting!
Elsewhere people were posting screenshots of Aarti Tikoo Singh’s Twitter page @aartitikoo and a Tweet saying…

Support Harbir Singh Nain who is contesting for Aam Aadmi Party’s nomination in Chandigarh Lok Sabha elections. Fb.me/1CyLNfZPP

What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except Aarti is an Assistant Editor with The Times of India. Reporters and TV anchors showing biases and supporting the AAP is a hot topic of discussion on Twitter and this was bound to draw flak.

As Aarti bashing circulated on Twitter, the whole issue became unverifiable because when last checked, the account @aartitikoo had been deleted!
There is a Twitter handle going by the name of Barbarian Indian @barbarindian who says in his profile…

MEDIA is a crime scene - ALWAYS take screenshots

Looks like everyone follows his advice and screenshots of deleted Tweets get ReTweeted much more than the original Tweet!

However there was much more to follow when the Twitter accounts of Minister of State for HRD Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor, his wife Sunanda Pushkar @sptvrock and Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar @MehrTarar started trending.

While Sunanda had been Tweeting on friendship and betrayal, the following one caught everyone’s eye…

I am sending @mehrtars bbbm msgs to the works to see what a horrible woman she is and how she iis stalking my husband

Tweets from Tharoor’s account were even more curious…

@mehrtarar sadly my wife @sptvrock who gave up everything for me found out about my affair with u Mehr Shashi.

Shashi. I'm not crying any more. I'm not falling to pieces. I'm more lucid than ever. How little I knew you became visible to me.@mehrtarar

You unfollowed me. You don't RT me and you don't answer me on twitter. I can live with your favourites. I have your personal validation

have your personal validation of my words, I don't need any public one. For that I will wait until we are together publically really mehr

(While the first Tweet had only screenshots, the next three remained on Tharoor’s timeline for quite some time)
Tharoor then clarified with the following Tweet…

Sorry folks, my @Twitter account has been hacked & will be temporarily deactivated. Bear with me while we solve this.

Reports emerged that even Sunanda’s account was hacked.
A visibly flustered Mehr responded with…

Okay. What's going on? Who's tweeting to me? I had an 'affair' with Shashi Tharoor and he's tweeting to me??? How does that work?

Twitter is crazy today. The downside of technology. Sorry guys, can't respond any more. Not funny at all. It's all very, very sick.

Enough already.I've always praised Shashi Tharoor OPENLY on twitter.Wrote an oped on him.Reviewed his bk.FTed twts.Only b/c NOTHING to hide

And it wasn’t as if it wasn’t a newsy day. AAP was already in the news to begin with thanks to criticism by Vinod Kumar Binny which was all over the TV channels. Captain Gopinath also criticized AAP’s FDI policy.

But still at the end of the day can you guess who remained on top of the trends for most of the day?

It was none other than Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh! Just when the dust was settling down on Alok Nath and his many “sanskari” Tweets!

Talk about being one crazy day on Twitter!

Stop Press!

Since this was written, Sunanda has accepted that she sent the Tweets from Tharoor's account and has accused Mehr of being an ISI agent and these are her latest Tweets...

@DilliPapa this is a woman sadly who lied and cheated to get what she wanted feel sorry for the guy who she manipulated men are so simple

@MehrTarar the audacity of a woman desperaely in love with an Indian "please shashi dont make me go i pleaded and begged i love u Shashi "

@MehrTarar leave us Indians alone and stop talking to my huband and pleading with him its digrading respect youself as a women

its funny on a election yr ppl want to bring down an MPusing a Paki journo who has lost her job and tries with everyone including with Omar

for her information Shashi an& I are very happy together sad for her to know i guess i get sick and go away 4 treatment &the vultures pounce

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