AAP and the Communist Revolution of 2014!

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 04:18 hrs

In 1848, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels unleashed the Communist Manifesto on the world and at that time many commentators thought it would lead to utopia. Most people are aware of the Lenin-led Russian Revolution of 1917.

Not many people are aware that the most significant revolution took place in Russia is 1905 and that led to constitutional monarchy. A constitution was drafted in the very next year and a multi-party political system followed. In fact Lenin did not even affect the first revolution in 1917 and in hindsight had he never been born then Russia would have been saved from disaster.

The USSR was one of the most brutal dictatorships that led to millions and millions of people being killed and imprisoned and an economy which led to nothing but poverty for most of its masses. Communism was doomed from the beginning and it totally collapsed in 1991.

Mao Zedong did the same in 1949 and China also saw death and destruction thanks to communism. It was only a course correction by Deng Xiaoping who took over in 1978 that led to the country going in for economic reforms. That led it to being the Number 2 power in the world today.

India got Independence in 1947 and even we were a pseudo-communist state where one party ruled for 30 years and Jawaharlal Nehru ruled till death. The entire establishment (historians, academicians, mainstream media, NGOs etc) were Left-leaning.

So it was no surprise that the Indian economy totally collapsed in 1991 and we firmly swerved Right as evident by our Liberalization. Till then the Congress and the above mentioned Left Establishment were on the same page, but the Grand Old Party broke free.

The Left Establishment still had no choice but to toe the line of the Congress especially because of the rise of the BJP which was their new enemy. When the NDA came to power in 1998-2004, Prime Minister AB Vajpayee didn’t rock the boat too much and the Left parties won big in the 2004 general elections.

After that Congress President Sonia Gandhi decided to totally junk the philosophy of Liberalization hero PV Narasimha Rao and started practicing politics that would make Nehru proud.

The National Advisory Council would be a worthy doppelganger of any communist council and all their schemes followed that path: NREGA, Food Bill, Land Bill etc.

However the Left Establishment was sensing a reason for alarm and looking at the end of a road for them in 2014. The reason was the absolute collapse of the Congress which is expected by many to be reduced to two digits in the upcoming general elections.

Add to that the rise of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who is the exact opposite of what the Left Establishment has stood for since India’s Independence. Most analysts expect Modi not to be a pushover like Vajpayee and actually bring about a change and maybe even render the Left Establishment irrelevant.

All the foils to Modi collapsed one by one: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, BJP patriarch LK Advani along with NDA would be PM and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Just when they had totally given up, they have been given one last hope: One final chance.

The saviour is Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party.

The AAP manifesto is a Communist Manifesto and it is full of Left-leaning intellectuals and all their moves after coming to power have been in that direction. Make no mistake about it. The Left Establishment has pinned huge hopes on the AAP.

That’s why the mainstream media is backing it to the hilt and activists are joining it in the hordes. All this is leading to a contradiction. While the senior management of the AAP is communist in nature, most of the people joining them are more enamoured by India’s Liberalization and growth story.

But this contradiction will take years to surface. Till then the Left Establishment is backing only on one thing. That the AAP will split the BJP’s middle class vote. It is sure that the BJP will emerge as the single largest party.

But all is needed is that 20-30 seats should be chipped off the BJP and they don’t get enough seats to reach the magic figure of 272. After that UPA3 + Third Front + AAP will rule at the centre and continue with their Leftist experiments even though the nation’s economic reserves are coming to an end with the way populist schemes are being doled out.

The AAP and the Left Establishment is attempting another communist revolution in 2014 and God save India if they succeed!

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