Adityanath asks supporters to convert 100 Muslims for 1 Hindu girl

Source :SIFY
Author :Nisha Dubey
Last Updated: Wed, Aug 27th, 2014, 17:13:52hrs
Adityanath asks supporters to convert 100 Muslims for 1 Hindu girl
New Delhi: After his controversial statements in Parliament early this month, BJP MP Yogi Adityanath has once again stirred a controversy by asking his supporters to convert 100 Muslims for 1 Hindu girl.

Adityanath was caught on camera asking his supports to marry girls of other community to set the records straight.
"Last time, the order of an Uttar Pradesh High Court really worried me. The high court had issued an order wherein it was asked why Hindu girls are opting for Muslim men. The court requested for this to be investigated. The UP government could not take a decision on this. A youth from Gorakhpur challenged the court order. In his appeal, he mentioned that in Gorakhpur, Muslim girls marry into Hindu families. We have accepted this custom. If someone is ready to become a Hindu, we will accept this and we will cleanse the person. This will lead to the formation of a new caste. We have decided that if they convert one Hindu girl, we will convert 100 Muslim girls," Adityanath said in the undated video.

On August 13, he had delivered a controversial speech in Parliament by saying that the Congress party was 'working at Pakistan's behest'.

Adityanath, who is facing charges for allegedly inciting communal tension in Gorakhpur in 2007, went on to say that "Hindus, when threatened, must be prepared to organize themselves and fight back."

"There were incidents that took place in Mumbai at Azad Maidan where police people were beaten up but the Congress never spoke on that issue. They also did not speak up when Kashmiri Pandits were displaced from their homes. They are working on 'Pakistan agenda'," he had said.

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