Always loyal, traitors never: Maduro praises Venezuelan troops following failed coup

Last Updated: Sun, May 05, 2019 19:46 hrs

[Venezuela], May 5 (ANI): Following the failed uprising against him, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro praised Venezuela's military, which supported the embattled President amidst the political crisis in the Latin American nation.

"Venezuela has a #FANB (National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela), perfectly trained, prepared and cohesive. We are not a weak or helpless country, we have a military power that guarantees peace and national defence. Always Loyal, Traitors Never!" Maduro tweeted.

The military has stayed loyal to Maduro despite the opposition's claim of being in touch with high-ranking military defectors, who support National Assembly head Juan Guaido. The opposition leader proclaimed himself as the President of the nation during protests in January this year. His claim was swiftly recognised by the United States, who accept Guaido as the official interim President of the nation.

Guaido's claim is also supported by over 50 nations, while Maduro is backed by countries like China, Russia and Turkey (amongst others) who have slammed international interference in Venezuela's internal affairs.

On April 30, opposition leader Guaido declared he was "beginning the final phase of Operation Freedom," in an apparent bid to oust Maduro. At least 71 people were injured in the clashes that ensued between anti-government protesters and law enforcement forces in Caracas.

The opposition leader has since conceded that the military's support for the uprising was miscalculated, vowing to keep efforts up in bringing about democracy in the country by ousting "usurper" Maduro. (ANI)