An Open Letter to the Congress Party...

Last Updated: Tue, Aug 16, 2011 05:47 hrs

Dear Congress, 

In the last couple of months, a 74-year-old man going by the name of Anna Hazare has been campaigning against corruption in India. First things first: He is not merely campaigning against the Congress Party, as you would like us to believe, but fighting for the people of India.  

However, what has been striking is the belligerence of the wise old men of the party, also known as the Congress spokespersons, coupled with the huge bouts of silence of the actual high and mighty of the party leadership.

Special: India against corruption

One is a little perplexed at the series of allegations that are coming out flippantly and casually against this simple 74-year-old man who is a mere symbol of the angst and anger of the free citizens of India, reeling against inflation and incessant reports of gigantic scams being continuously unearthed in the UPA regime. 

A look at some of the name calling...

...He's dictatorial... He's fascist... He's neck deep in corruption... He's surrounded by goondas... The RSS is remote controlling him... He is not a Gandhian...

As the cliche goes, whenever you point a finger at someone, three fingers are always pointing back at you. It is amazing that the above statements by and large describe the grand old party of India itself. The Congress Party keeps forgetting its own history. 

Let me explain...

1. There has been only one period in which India has been a "dictatorial" and "fascist" state. That's from June 25, 1975 to March 21, 1977. You know I am referring to the Emergency.  

In that popular mood of the nation, Jayaprakash Narayan took the forefront. You thought a few leaders were against you, rounded them up and put them in jail. When you couldn't control the people, you imposed Emergency. 

The results are there for everyone to see. Before Emergency, there were zero prime ministers from non-Congress parties. After Emergency there have been a whopping seven! 

Now again, you seem to be bent on creating conditions similar to that period. 

2. Neck deep in corruption? Anna Hazare? As a result of Anna's campaign against corrupt politicians in India, your Maharashtra state government made many charges against him. While almost all perished, only one remained faint and that too was subsequently dismissed. That’s called clutching at straws and happens when someone is drowning. Do you think your government is sinking? 

In fact, there have been many corrupt governments in India, but "Neck deep in corruption" only describes UPA 2. 

3. Surrounded by goondas? How much violence has been unleashed in Congress regimes while the leaders merely fiddled as there state burned? What happened during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots was way beyond goondaism, more so because most of the major goondas went scott free thanks to your party leadership. 

4. Remote control? While I personally think Mr Manmohan Singh is an honest and able Prime Minister, the term remote control vis a vis party president Sonia Gandhi taking all the major decisions has been bandied about in the media and popular discussions so much, it has already become a cliche. 

5. The last point is baffling. Let me remind you that Mahatma Gandhi is not a trademark or copyright or personal property of the Congress Party. He is the Father of the Nation and one of the most popular leaders of world. Any common citizen can invoke his principles to fight for a cause. 

In fact, how many of the current Congress leadership can dare boast of following even a fraction of the Mahatma's life or ideals? 

Anna Hazare is a simple old man who has dedicated his life to the service to the nation in a non-violent manner and believes in fasting as one of the means to achieve his ends.  

So when you say that Anna is not like the Mahatma, are you saying that Mahatma Gandhi was not simple, did not dedicate his life to the nation in a non-violent manner and did not believe in fasts to achieve his ends? 

In fact, as the events are folding out, you are behaving more and more like the British Empire and treating Anna Hazare more and more like Mahatma Gandhi. 

Also remember that you are not fighting Anna Hazare or the RSS or the BJP but the common people of India.  

If you really think that you can defeat the very people you have voted for, then Best of Luck! 

Yours Sincerely,

Sunil Rajguru,

Just another voter you won't care much about till the year 2014

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