Animals in Aurangabad zoo not fed for two days

Last Updated: Sun, Dec 26, 2010 10:40 hrs

Animals in the 'Siddharth Garden' zoo were left hungry due to a food shortage occurred following mismanagement by the authorities here on Sunday.

The authorities were shifting the blame for not providing food to the animals on each other.

Madhukar Anavadya, the Animal Conservation Committee chairman, lamented over the issue and suggested the zoo officials to look into the matter.

"The incident which happened inside the zoo maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Aurangabad has not left anybody happy in the District. These animals cannot speak but earn good revenue for the municipal corporation and these animals were kept hungry for two days this is indeed very saddening. We hope that this incident is not repeated again," said Anavadya.

The authorities claimed that timing of food should be maintained and admitted that there has been a lapse in management and the food for the animals has been arriving late since past two or three days.

"Providing good quality of food and that too on time is very important. If that is not maintained then the health of animals will be affected and their mortality will be increased. The food had arrived late since 2-3 days but the food to zoo inmates was never stopped as such," said J. P. Nahakwade, zoo superintendent.

The 'Siddharth Garden' zoo is considered as the largest zoo in the State. It is a home for several herbivorous and carnivorous animals like deer, monkeys, tiger and lions. By Abdul Hadi (ANI)