Army is being formed to deal with traitors in India: BJP MLA

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Last Updated: Wed, Sep 18th, 2019, 17:27:07hrs
Army is being formed to deal with traitors in India: BJP MLA

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party MLA in Telangana Raja Singh on Tuesday said an "army of youths" is being set up to deal with traitors inside the country and to ensure that the youngsters come forward for the nation's security.

He said that in the times to come, traitors will be taken out from hiding in India and sent outside the country or "to hell directly. This is our resolve…"

"Six months ago, a camp was planned. The date was decided... All brave Hinduvadis and patriots have been called from all corners of the country to the camp," Singh, known for his hardline Hindutva stance, said in a video message.

The resolve of the camp is that the country's youth come forward to ensure its security, he said. 

"The resolve taken in this camp is that if India is secure, it is because of our Army. Like the Army, the Indian youth should become a brave soldier. Should there be a requirement for India, our youth should come forward for India's security.

"The army is taking care of the terrorists and betrayers outside of the country, but an army is required to take care of terrorists in the house as well. So, such an army is being built," Singh, who is lone the BJP MLA in Telangana, said.

The "army" would be set up in all corners of the country, he said.