BJP skips JPC on 2G again, urges Congress not to sabotage every inquiry

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 18, 2012 13:00 hrs

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) once again abstained from the proceedings of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on 2G today over its demand for calling Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister P Chidambaram as witnesses before the panel.

The BJP told the Congress Party not to sabotage every inquiry into the scandals.

BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said that the BJP wanted the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister to appear before the Committee. "The Prime Minister himself volunteered, saying I am willing to appear before any committee", she said adding: " I think the JPC is not going to deliver a complete fair report."

Sitharaman further said that there are more revelations coming out even today.

"As a result of what has been heard in the JPC, the former Cabinet Secretary has very clearly said that the price in place of 1,658 crores could have gone up to 35,000 crores. That itself would have brought the country lot more revenue. So, there are more and more complications, which have to be looked into with great depth," she added.

Justifying the reasons for the BJP members staying away from the Joint Parliamentary Committee, which is looking into the 2G spectrum allocation, Sitharaman said: "We have been keen to get to know what policy formulations went wrong, what checks and balances were removed ...and in what way the decision makers had kept this country away from the facts."

The BJP, which has six members in the JPC, had also stayed away during the last meeting on October 11 while accusing Chairman P.C. Chacko of failing to finalise the list of witnesses and include Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister P. Chidambaram in it.

The BJP members had earlier in July and September stormed out of the meeting accusing Chacko of being 'biased'.

They also accused Congress members of using foul language against them.

BJP has maintained that it will not attend the JPC meetings till the list of witnesses is finalised and the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister are summoned. (ANI)