Book Review: The Great War on Prithvi: A unique mythological experience

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Last Updated: Mon, Aug 28th, 2017, 22:50:34hrs
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Title: The Great War on Prithvi

Author: Sunil Rajguru

Publisher: PK Enterprises

Pages: 288 pages

In the crowded world of Indian mythological fiction, author Sunil Rajguru's The Great War on Prithvi turns out to be a roller coaster of a thriller.

We meet a 16-year-old Vishnu Shastri who is pulled into a parallel world called Prithvi, which is similar to Earth but with a different timeline.

In times of religious intolerance, the young boy finds himself in Prithvi where there is no religion or science. Instead, he discovers astras or as the author writes 'Mahabharat style missiles'.

Vishnu meets an ageless Astomi called Guru who would become his guiding light. The author weaves his magic in narrating Vishnu's childhood, his horoscope, and the innumerable questions that the 16-year old has.

There's a twist in the tale as Vishnu's life is in danger. Then there's Mahamaharaj Duryodhan, an arrogant king who is blinded by power and wanted to destroy Prithvi.

The book reflects on the role of soldiers and righteous violence and what happens to a society that becomes incapable of defending itself.

Amongst all this, Vishnu's mind is full of questions and the first being who pulled him from Earth in the first place and for what purpose?

Vishnu soon finds himself sucked into a Great War whose fate lies in his hands.

This book opens the door to the unknown world and narrates a story of a young boy who is caught at various crossroads as Prithvi leaves him with more questions than answers.

Fluid in flow, the book is not without its structural flaws. But the story and the deft characterisation of the sixteen-year boy compensates for them. Definitely worth a read.

The book is available both on Flipkart and Amazon.
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