Delhi reeling under BRT mess

Last Updated: Sat, Mar 27, 2010 05:45 hrs

New Delhi: Two years after it was opened, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor has failed to solve the problems of daily commuters as pedestrians risk their lives while crossing the road everyday.

Two deaths last week have once again proved that the BRT corridor is not working. The BRT, which was constructed to ease traffic flow has, in fact, added to commuters’ woes.

Cars enter bus lanes and autos and two-wheelers are commonly seen on cycle tracks risking the lives of pedestrians. The small BRT stretch of 5.6 kms from Moolchand to Ambedkar Nagar is being monitored by 50 marshals and about 25 traffic cops, but it has been of no use as road users are still confused making the BRT a growing mess.

The bus stops have been created in the middle of the road, making it inaccessible for people while those, who live on either side of the corridor find it impossible to cross the road. The railings put up on both sides of the road to prevent pedestrians from crossing and entering the bus lanes have been broken by the locals to make crossing simple.

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“There is no room for pedestrians to cross the road or on the footpaths, which have already been encroached upon by shopkeepers, hawkers and parked cars. Even the cycle tracks is encroached upon by two-wheelers, autos and even cars forcing us to walk on the main road,” said Neeraj Chandha, a resident of Moolchand.

Due to the heavy flow of traffic on the stretch, there is huge congestion during the peak hours. To ease the flow and the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System has started installing intelligent traffic signals on this section of BRT.

These intelligent signals, which would be embedded in the road, will calculate the traffic volume and adjust the signal cycle accordingly. It is expected to bring down the waiting time, but the process will take about three months.