Dutch radio station hostage crisis ends

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 17, 2017 16:50 hrs

[U.K.], August 17 (ANI): A woman was taken hostage at a Dutch radio station in the Netherlands after a knife-wielding man forced his way into her office.

After about half an hour, the woman was released and the armed man was arrested, Independent quoted Dutch Police as saying.

The woman had suffered no serious injury but had been taken to an ambulance for examination, the police spokesman said.

The man was arrested after having threatened the female employee outside 3FM Radio in Hilversum, south-west of Amsterdam, and holding her hostage for half an hour, the local news reported.

The building in the city of Hilversum was cordoned off.The motive behind taking hostage is still not known. The incident took place a day after one of 3FM's most popular DJs quit. (ANI)