'Eco-homes' made up of waste in Latin America

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 23, 2010 03:30 hrs

/EFE) Plastic bottles, dead livestock and other wastes are used to build houses for poor as part of a climate conservation campaign in Latin America.

Glass and plastic bottles mixed with honey and sand can be turned into a decent accommodation. Such dwellings are called 'ecological houses' because they are made of natural elements that cause no damage to the environment, said Ingrid Vaca Diez, a Bolivian environmentalist.

The project 'Casas de Botellas' (Bottle Houses) is being carried out as an initiative to provide shelters to the poorest families in Latin America.

'Casas de Botellas' is a group effort in which people are taught how to construct their own houses and 'give themselves and their families a decent place to live', Ingrid Vaca said.

The bottles are stuck together with bricks, lime and cement, and are held with a kind of webbing to make the construction permanent. Other materials such as rods, tiles, glass, wooden frames and furniture are donated by companies, individuals and institutions.

'Each house represents a dream and wins more than a few smiles, which is my greatest satisfaction,' Vaca Diez said.