Exit polls: Left to lose Kerala and Bengal, AIADMK to win TN

Last Updated: Tue, May 10, 2011 16:10 hrs

Chennai: Exit polls conducted by various channels have projected Congress-led alliance's victory in West Bengal and Kerala while most of them predict that the AIADMK will come to power in Tamil Nadu.

West Bengal

Headlines Today-ORG post-poll survey has predicted that the Congress-Trinamool Congress alliance will oust -- with a big margin -- the Left Front which has ruled West Bengal for 34 continuous years.

According to the survey, the Trinamool Congress-Congress alliance will get two-thirds majority, winning 210 to 220 seats out of a total 294 seats in the state assembly.

The survey predicts just 65 to 70 seats for the Communist Party of India-Marxist-led Left Front.

The survey gives 10 to 15 seats to independents and other parties.

An exit poll conducted by Star News television channel has projected Congress-TC alliance's victory in West Bengal. The channel predicted that TC-Congress will win 181 and 40 respectively while Left Front will be reduced to 62 from 227.

Research agency C-VOTER also predicts that the Congress-TC alliance will win a mammoth victory in the state.

Tamil Nadu

Exit polls, conducted by CVB News-C-Voter, indicate that the DMK and its allies will lose a six per cent of its vote share in Tamil Nadu while the AIADMK and its allies stand to gain over four per cent of the vote share.

The AIADMK tally in the 234-member assembly is expected to be between 168 and 176 seats while the DMK and its allies are expected to garner between 54 and 62 seats.

While CNN-IBN-CSDS survey projects an edge for the AIADMK-led alliance, Headlines Today predicted a close race in the state between AIADMK and DMK-led combinations.


Star News projects the Congress-led United Democratic Alliance's victory in Kerala. The UDF is expected to win 88 while CPM-led Left Democratic Front will win 49.

C-VOTER exit poll also predicts a clear victory for the UDF.

However, CNN-IBN-CSDS survey says the LDF is placed marginally ahead but verdict too close to call, while Headlines Today gave the Congress-led UDF a clear majority. .


Assam is likely to give Congress a third time in power, according to CNN-IBN.

Star News says Tarun Gogoi-led Congress has a chance to create history in Assam by returning to power for a third consecutive term.

The Headlines Today poll predicts 44 of the 126 seats for Congress in Assam, with potential ally AUDF slated to win 14.

However, C-VOTER exit poll predicts a hung assembly in Assam.

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