Fervor, food, fire: India celebrates Lohri

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 00:03 hrs

Lohri was celebrated in Northern India with everything that the festival is known for- good food, bonfire, music, and high spirit.

Celebrating the festival which marks the end of winter season and welcomes longer sunny days, bonfires were lit as families danced to the tunes of famous folk and Bollywood songs.

In Punjab, policemen celebrated Lohri with their families during the day. From dotting the sky with colourful kites to singing happy songs and dancing their hearts out to peppy dhol beats, the officers enjoyed every bit of the festival. As the sun set, people gathered around bonfires for some comforting warmth.

After the fresh snowfall on Sunday, hotels in Kufri, Himachal Pradesh made special arrangements for the festival. The tradition of lighting a bonfire brought some much-needed warmth for tourists in the open snow-clad areas of the Hill station.

In India's capital territory, Delhi, people celebrated the occasion with high spirits. Surrounded with bowls full of popcorn and peanuts, people enjoyed the spirit of Lohri with an enthusiasm that only gets stronger with every passing year.

Lohri, primarily celebrated in the Punjab region by Sikhs and Hindus, marks the end of the winter season. Bonfire and folk songs are a major part of the celebration, and a puja parikrama around the bonfire is performed followed by the distribution of Prasad.

The festival is observed the night before Makar Sankranti or Maghi and falls on the same date nearly every year (January 13). (ANI)