Final text of Paris Climate deal likely today

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 11, 2015 10:06 hrs

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius hinted at a consensus in the climate deal saying that the governments who have been trying to reach a climate change agreement in Paris have drawn "extremely close to the finish line"

According to the Guardian, Fabius called for an all-night session of negotiations in an attempt to bring the deal to a successful close, keeping temperature rises in check and avoid dangerous global warming.

However, negotiators are predicting that the talks will not end today and would drag into the weekend, despite the positive signs that a deal may be hammered out soon.

The fresh draft will now be deliberated by the ministers to reach a UN accord to curb green house gas emissions.

While submitting a new draft, Fabius said that there are some complex issues like finance, differentiation and ambition that need to be discussed.

The fresh draft negotiating text contains 27 pages two less than the previous one which was released on Wednesday after two days of ministerial consultations. The draft cut the options on the long-term goal of the proposed treaty.

Final text of the agreement is likely to publish today and a formal gathering of the parties, called a plenary session, would then convene to approve the outcome. (ANI)