Floods? Blame India! The strange world of Pakistan's conspiracy theories

Last Updated: Thu, Jul 18, 2019 14:34 hrs

To find out why Bollywood director Kabir Khan faced a bizarre heckling in Karachi recently, you just have to tune in to Pakistani TV channels. 

If you went by 'expert' views on TV,  Bollywood director Kabir Khan is a key member of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval’s team and his 'anti-Pakistan' movies like 'Phantom' are funded by India’s RAW!  

Khan’s visit to Pakistan last month, they said, was aimed at calming down voices raised in Pakistan after the capture of alleged Indian master spy –  a serving Indian Naval Officer Commander, Kulbhushan Yadav.  

In reality, Kabir Khan was invited by Marketing Association of Pakistan for an event 'Marcon' in Karachi & the media is well aware of it.

If that rumour was preposterous, how about this: The United States used its HAARP technology to trigger the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Pakistan in April 2016. 

All this and many more ground-breaking 'revelations' can be easily found on Pakistani news channels. 

Perhaps the rest of the world needs to learn from Pakistani media on how to see everything through a special prism, understand the importance of 'timing' of any event & how to 'connect the dots to understand whole game'.

Media plays a big role in shaping psyche of a community or nation. And most of the times, media also reflects thinking or thought process of the same community. 

If someone follows Pakistan’s media (both state & private), he will be compelled to notice that barring few exceptions, the entire industry is obsessed with one assumption 'Pakistan is a target of international conspiracy'. 

It does not matter if they are discussing an act of terrorism or war in Pakistan/Muslim world, the state of Pakistan’s economy or law and order,  they will somehow conclude the entire debate by blaming some 'international power` for conspiring against the sole nuclear power state of the Islamic world – Pakistan.

There are around 30 news channels in Pakistan and they hold 1-2 talk shows every day. In most of these talk shows, there will be at least one retired Army general or Air force officer in the guest panel, who would be asked for his analysis on just about everything – be it politics, geopolitics, impact of politics or geopolitics on Pakistan/Muslim world, terrorism, security matters, economic policies of Pakistan and sometimes even on sports!

Anywhere else in the world, a guest panel is finalized on the basis of the expertise of people on the subject in hand. They argue in favour of the subject or against it and discuss every aspect - good or bad. But this simple logic seems to fail in Pakistan, where any one from the 'establishment' or supporter of the establishment is treated as a master of all trades. 

Sometimes the entire panel is handpicked and represents a particular mind set, which will drive the discussion in a desired direction. 

I am not saying that everyone involved in Pakistan’s print/electronic/social media is a conspiracy theorist. There are a few sane minds that challenge such conspiracy theories. But their number is not good enough to change the situation in the near future.

Let see how these hawks try to change public opinion by covering up the country’s mistakes and by projecting that the bad state of Pakistan is due to a grand international conspiracy designed and executed by almost entire world, except their all-weather friend China. 

Terrorism: Hawks blame RAW & CIA for almost all terrorist activities in Pakistan. They will claim with conviction that RAW and CIA created TTP (Tehrik-e-Pakistan Taliban). 

They ignore the history of creation of Taliban and the separation of TTP from Taliban. 

Taliban were created by Pakistan during the Afghan Jihad. It was massively funded by CIA to fight Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Basically, the US was playing the same game against the Soviets  that the USSR played in Vietnam. 

The US wanted to train and fund native militia to resist USSR forces. Saudi Arabia had promised to match USA’s budget allocation in this regard. They had their money taps open. 

Secretly Pakistan used a lot of this fund to further fund separatist groups of Punjab & Kashmir. 

The end result of almost 10-year long Afghan jihad was the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan and the eventual collapse of USSR.

Having achieved its objective in Afghansitan, the US moved out and did not do anything to rehabilitate Taliban, who were/are basically mercenaries. Pakistan was in no mood to do so either. 

In Taliban, the Pakistani Army found a very cheap and safe state tool to bleed and defeat their arch rival India. 

If we could increase cost of occupation of USSR in Afghanistan to such a point where USSR was forced to vacate Afghanistan (and was eventually dis-integrated), so why can’t we repeat the same model in India? This  was the thinking of top Pak Army brass. 

They shifted a significant number of jihadi’s from Afghanistan to Kashmir. 

Pakistan preserved the jihadi culture.

After 9/11, Pakistan had no choice but to side with the US. President Musharraf took this opportunity to gain support of the US (and rest of the world) to consolidate his illegal position. 

The Taliban rulers of Afghanistan stopped getting the economic, moral and logistic support from Pakistan.

Moreover, Musharraf gave a few air bases to the US Air Force to operate from. When Taliban started getting killed in Afghanistan, a fraction of it got separated from Taliban & formed TTP. 

TTP made Pak’s KPK province (then North West Frontier Province) and frontier belt as their base. They declared Jehad against the State of Pakistan which was a partner in the “Killing of Muslims in general and Taliban in particular in Afghanistan by the USA – an occupation force”.

But the hawks of Pakistani media will not discuss this. They will blame the US for abandoning Pak after withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan (as if USA should have adopted Pakistan). Their constant crib is: “We have been fighting USA’s war in this region since Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in 1979. For America’s war in Afghanistan, we created Taliban and allowed millions of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Refugees brought in the culture of Narcotics and Kalashinkov with them, which tore apart our social fabric. After the Afghan jihad, it was Amrika Bahadur’s responsibility to help us rehabilitate Taliban & refugees but USA abandoned us”. 

Their narrative holds the US responsible for creation and continuous existence of Taliban, which eventually led to 9/11 and then to USA’s invasion of Afghanistan and its fallout in Pakistan. They hold RAW responsible for creating and funding TTP.  

In short, the rest of the world is responsible for present law & order situation of Pakistan. 
Hawks would never mention that Pakistan never wanted Taliban to disappear after Afghan Jehad. The establishment helped Taliban capture Kabul and to run the government there. 

Pakistan was the first country to recognize Taliban rule in Afghanistan and provided all needed support (Pak used to give 50000 litre of oil to Taliban every day!). All this was done to maintain 'Strategic depth' in Afghanistan.

Now when that strategy has back fired, they need someone to blame.

Kalabagh Dam:  Outside Pakistan, few people know that the last major dams build in the country were Mangla and Tarbela dams during 1960s & 1970s. Since then, they have not built any dam for last four decades, Pakistan has been trying to get a consensus to build the Kalabagh Dam. 

Time and again, some political party or state would show some reservation over rehabilitation of displaced people, share of electricity generated, distribution of water etc. Sane minds would blame Pakistani authorities and politicians, but hawks straight away blame India. 

“Analysts” say stuff like:  “India has bought politicians and NGOs in Pakistan who have been working against construction of Kalabagh dam. Indian RAW is hell bent to ensure that Kalabagh dam plan does not turn into reality. Because the dam will change face of Pakistan as it would generate required power to fuel Pakistani industry. India thinks that an economically strong Pakistan is more dangerous than a nuclear Pakistan. India has violated Indus Water treaty & has started making 100+ small or large dams. India’s aim is to ensure that not a drop of water should enter Pakistan, thereby gradually turning Pakistan from water stressed country to a water scarce country and finally, into a desert. “

Whenever a flood hits Pakistan, these hawks will not blame Pakistan’s bad planning. They find an easy way out – blame India because as per them `India is building illegal damns & releasing extra water, which cause flood. India has waged water terrorism on Pakistan & entire world community is quiet.`

Earthquakes & floods could be man-made natural disasters: 

Probably Pakistan is the only country where you will find `experts` (on national TV) finding the hand of USA’s HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) behind most of the natural disasters. 

HAARP is actually jointly funded by US Air Force, US Navy, University of Alaska & DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Its purpose was to check the potential of Ionosphere for radio communication surveillance.

Pakistani `experts` claim that US uses HAARP to send high frequency energy radiations in Ionosphere that causes weather changes, which result in heat waves, floods & earthquakes. 

Any decent elementary school book will tell you that earthquakes are result of movement of tectonic plates and human have no potential whatsoever to influence that. Looks like such books have not been able to make much headway in Pakistan.

Purpose of the international conspiracy: 

Even if, for a moment, we buy these theories, one would wonder why the entire world is conspiring against Pakistan.

Conspiracy theorists have an answer ready. It is because Pakistan is the only nuclear armed Islamic country in the world & all major covert & overt powers (USA, India, Israel, western world in general, CIA, RAW, Mossad etc) want to de-nuclearize Pakistan. 

As per these 'experts', Pakistan is the only Muslim country of the world that has both nuclear weapon & missiles to deliver the weapon and it is Pakistan’s duty to provide nuclear umbrella to all brotherly Muslim countries. 

This makes Pakistan the most powerful country of Islamic world and a natural leader of Islamic world. This is the `fact` that haunts foreign powers and they are hell bent to stop 

Pakistan from becoming leader of Islamic world – a dream that Z.A. Bhutto saw in 1970s. Because of the military might of Pakistan, foreign powers cannot afford to invade Pakistan. 

So, they have ganged up against Pakistan. TTP’s terrorism, insurgency in Baluchistan, Law and Order situation in Karachi, sectarian war in Pakistan, water terrorism by India etc  are well-coordinated methods to achieve one aim – de-nuclearize Pakistan. 

Aim of these conspiracies is to weaken Pak internally (economically, politically, security wise etc) to such a degree that world community can be convinced that Pakistan is a destabilised/failed state & its nuclear arsenal should be handed over to IAEA, otherwise these weapons could fall in terrorists 'hands.'

If media does not retrospect honestly and injects society with such slow poison, the country will never be able to take corrective measures. They will continue on the same path that leads to religious extremism, jihad & conflict with neighbouring countries. 

After all such propaganda gives much needed oxygen to anti India & anti US sentiment, which is so necessary for the rule of `establishment` in Pakistan. If there is no anti-India sentiment, Pakistani establishment fears that it will lose its relevance & the power share it has been enjoying for last 68 years. This is one of the reason that they continue to back or support such hawks in media.

If there are such patriots in any country who are poisoning the society with lies and conspiracy theories, do they really need any external enemy?