For 'certified' in-laws, check out Barkatullah University passouts!

Last Updated: Sat, Sep 15, 2018 20:55 hrs

[India], Sep 15 (ANI): The new course at Bhopal's Barkatullah University will give the most elite Finishing schools of London, a run for the money. This Bhopal University decided to offer courses to train women to become ideal wives and daughters-in-laws.

However, amid the backlash referring to the course as sexist and misogynist, the University has now decided to upgrade the course and train men and women both to become ideal husbands, wives, mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law.

The course is all set to commence from July 2019 and will have 30 seats for the first batch. The university has taken this unique initiative in an attempt to mend `the broken families and relationships' and `keeping them together'.

"This is a three-month certificate course, in which the boys and girls can take part. Everybody can do the course. The educational eligibility is a Senior Secondary School degree and there is no age limit," said DC Gupta, Vice Chancellor of Barkatullah University.

The Vice-Chancellor of Barkatullah University claimed that the university is going to start this initiative to improve the society, in which people of all ages, including the new generation of today, will be taught the lessons of `Moral Emotion.'

The course will be run by Department of Psychology, Social Services and Women Security Department. The course is set to commence from July 2019.

The initiative has received mixed reactions as some people are questioning the sexism which can be seen lurking behind this course and some other believe that values are inherited from the family. (ANI)