Furukawa Electric Company contributes to Tokyo Olympic 2020

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Last Updated: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019, 00:22:31hrs
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Tokyo [Japan], Sep 12 (ANI): At the citizen hall in Tokyo's Hino City, Karate players are doing tough training.
Hino and Ukraine have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of Host Town to accept the karate team. Karate is very popular in the Japanese city. The region expects to accelerate international exchange and boost regional participation.

"Hino-city accepts Ukraine team with great enthusiasm and zest. Ukraine karate team belongs to the top class of 200 teams under World Karate Federation. The enthusiasm of Hino-city and vigour of the Ukraine team will be merged to create a great beforehand camp," said Toshihisa Nagura, World Karate Federation.
Training is undertaken in the public gymnasium. It is necessary for the players to practice in the same conditions as is provided in the world competitions.
"This treatment is undertaken based on the government plan of 'Host Town'. Hino-city decided that partner country is Ukraine and competition is karate. To achieve better, Hino-city prepares the circumstance and organizes cheering by the supporting group for Ukrain team in the competition," said Yoshihiko Taira, Hino city.
For the karate players, the mat on the floor is most important and it goes by the name 'Tatami'.
It provides suitability and strength required for the game. Tatami' is produced by Furukawa Electric.
Termed "ProGame" Furukawa Electric, uses Styrofoam polyethene technology to produce this product.
"This 'Tatami' has an appropriate smoothness and grip surface. The design is similar to the conventional one which is used to grip the surface. "ProGame" is certified by World Karate Federation. It will contribute to widening the prospects of karate," said Nobuyuki Matsui, Furukawa Electric.
In the Tokyo Olympics, Japanese traditional sport karate is added in the list of official games. Japanese cutting-edge technology supports its prosperity. (ANI)