Gallery Sanskriti organizes 'Disappearing Dialogues' exhibition in Kolkata

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 16, 2015 23:48 hrs

Kolkata's popular art gallery Gallery Sanskriti is currently hosting 'Disappearing Dialogues', a two day solo art exhibition by artist Nobina Gupta.

The theme Disappearing Dialogues will display a series of interactive artwork about nature, people and objects enticing the viewers to wake up to the call of disappearing bio-diversities, cultural tradition, ethnic lifestyle and antiques. Artist Nobina Gupta, an alumni of Santiniketan has significant representations at international art fairs such as Art Fair Cologne, Germany, Art Asia Miami, Art Dubai, Art Stages, Singapore. She has also done solo shows in Switzerland at Galerie Kashya Hildebrand Jan Kossen Contemporary Gallery. In India her paintings were exhibited at the Gallery Sanskriti and Mumbai. After a long span of time I am exhibiting my work here in Kolkata. It is very important for me that the people of Kolkata come and see and relate to my works, then they reflect within and understand the kind of motivation I want to create within them, Nobina said. Discussing her works, displayed in the exhibition the artist said, The whole exhibition is about disappearing dialogues, it is about those things that are disappearing around us, I feel the environment is whispering gradually to pay notice before it is lost forever. There are four to five sections, one is the whispering Tracks where I want to say about the things I notice when I travel I notice a lot of small organic environment around me, I feel in our day to day life we are losing all contacts with the organic world. We are sitting into a world which is totally materialistic and artificial, so it is very important for us preserve and treasure what is around us so that it doesnt gets lost, she added. The exhibition has various sections like the Echoes of The Mountain, Whispering Tracks,The Era of Element, with different kind of meanings and art form attached to them. Apart from being an artist, Nobina is also an avid traveler to the Himalayas, her work are mostly inspired by her observations, filtered through a sensibility and naturally attuned to the language of abstraction. The section Echoes of Mountain which is being displayed in this exhibition speaks about the interaction I had with the nomadic Changpas of Ladakh. The Changpas led an organic life, for them every element of nature is important, this really inspired me and I have presented that through my works, Gupta added. On asking about the message she wants to give through such a versatile exhibition, artist Nobina Gupta said, This is a platform where I want people to come and interact and understand that their lives, there are so many things that they need to see and observe. The works are very different and refreshing its like art of nature, something we dont get to see that often. The paintings displayed over here have elements of both realism and abstract. Such types of paintings remind us of the old Japanese paintings, said Balaka Bhatacharjee a visitor of the exhibition. The show will be on display tillOct 15from12 - 8 pmdaily except Sundays. (Reporting by Adit Majumder)