Guarantor of D-Company's key aide Jabir Moti found to be bank fraudster

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 12, 2018 17:44 hrs

[UK], Oct 12 (ANI): Mumtaz Ghaffar, a British Pakistani man who stood up in the Westminster Magistrate's Court to provide residence guarantee for D-Company lynchpin and Pakistani national, Jabir Siddiq, has been declared bankrupt in the High Court of Justice by the British government for fraud.

Ghaffar stood in for Jabir Siddiq - also known as Jabir Motiwala - to provide one million Pound bond as well as place for Siddiq to stay in the posh Edgware Road. But papers show that Mumtaz Ghaffar is not only a declared bankrupt person but also lied in the court as he does not own the property on Edgware Road that he has pledged in the court.

The shocking details show how D-Company even tried to fool the British justice system by putting up a bankrupt man to pose as a respectable man, asking the judge to issue bail against the personal credentials of the man.

Toby Cadman, the lawyer of Jabir Motiwala, did not tell the judge that Mumtaz Ghaffar was actually bankrupt and that his property is subject to Bankruptcy proceedings in the UK. However, this fact came to light during the verification of documents.

Karachi-based underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's key aide Jabir Moti was arrested by Scotland Yard's Extradition Unit on suspicion of conspiracy to commit blackmail, import illegal drugs and money laundering in the United States on 18 August 2018.

Jabir alias Motiwala was arrested by the Metropolitan Police at a hotel in Paddington area of London on August 17. Moti, reportedly in the UK on a 10-year visa, has been described as the financial manager of Dawood Ibrahim -- the key accused in the Mumbai serial bomb blasts in 1993.

The FBI has told the court that he was caught while trying to supply drugs to USA, valued at $1.5 million, and also involved in debt collection through blackmailing.

Record of the British government's Insolvency Service (England and Wales) shows that Mumtaz Ghaffar's date of birth is 1st December 1974 and he was declared bankrupt in the UK in June 2018 after the Dubai authorities located him and brought bankruptcy proceedings against him for a serious bank fraud.

Authorities have confirmed that Mumtaz Ghaffar is wanted by the Dubai Police for fraud and he was declared bankrupt in UK for bank fraud. He has no employment and he survives on the social welfare system as a carer for his mother who is partially disabled and lives in the area of Edgware - around 15 miles away from Edgware Road.

This means that all assets including bank accounts of Mumtaz Ghaffar are under the subject of bankruptcy proceedings. It has been learnt that Mumtaz Ghaffar had been charged with assault by the Police in Bristol after he assaulted his previous business partner.

He is also on the watch list of people who travel outside of the United Kingdom and are stopped at the airports and questioned upon arriving and departing.

The London Gazette published on 11 May 2018 through a Notice ID: 3025347 and Notice code: 2526. His address on bankruptcy paper has been given as 40 The Chase, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 5DJ.

As soon as Jabir was arrested in the UK, Mumtaz Ghaffar travelled to Pakistan to meet Dawood Ibrahim, who assured them for a lump sum to stand in as surety for Jabir.

Sources said that Jabir could have fled Britain if he had been granted bail by the judge. The judge said that he could easily get access to travel documents as he belonged to a notorious mafia operating from Pakistan. (ANI)