Hello Kejri, what about Delhi?

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Last Updated: Sat, Mar 28th, 2015, 17:45:09hrs
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Hello Kejri, what about Delhi?
Question 1: Summer is on us and what concrete steps are the Delhi government taking to ensure that power cuts are down to a minimum?

Question 2: What about water shortages? Threats to cut VVIP water is meaningless because that’s not how extra water will come especially considering that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia are now part of that very same VVIP circuit.

Question 3: What is the roadmap for free WiFi in New Delhi and what are the steps that have been taken to kick start that programme?

Question 4: What anti-corruption measures have been put in place? How many corrupt officials have been caught and what will be the index to measure the reduction in corruption in New Delhi?

Question 5: What about introducing schemes like the Bhagidari System introduced by former Chief Minister Sheila Dixit? Do you have a file brimming with such ideas?

What is Mr Kejriwal’s current aim? Is it to make New Delhi a world class city or is it to establish supremacy within the party. While it is clear now that Kejriwal will let Delhi go to the dogs and the city may become a wreck in a few years, why is nobody asking Kejriwal any tough questions to him?

Also why are all the news TV channels clearly following Kejriwal’s agenda instead of seeing what is in the interest of the common Delhiite? Last time Kejriwal ran away in 49 days and this time he broke the record and ran away after 21 days to some meaningless naturopathy camp in a faraway place.

The mainstream media instead of asking tough questions about power, water, WiFi and governance, happily started advertising the services of the above mentioned naturopathy camp.

Kejriwal’s yoga. Kejriwal’s water therapy. Kejriwal’s singing. Everything was more important than issues like corruption.

New Delhi has a population in crores and nobody cares for them as it is the VVIPs who call the shot. But please make way for his highness Kejriwal who now is the VVVIP of Delhi. What this VVVIP eats, how this VVVIP shaves, how this VVVIP uses naturopathy is greater than all the combined problems of India’s Number 1 city.

Even the sting released by a TV news channels seemed another PR exercise in that regard. In that one guy calls Kejriwal greater than Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Kejriwal himself comes out as a selfless guy who cares for nothing.

And as far as swear words are concerned, who in India doesn’t swear privately? As it is New Delhi is the swear capital of India and if you remove the swear words from the sting, then it generally shows Kejriwal in good light.

Yesterday it was the naturopathy camp. Today it is Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. Tomorrow it will be something else. Day after tomorrow it will be some totally new thing. Ad infinitum.

That’s how things will continue till 2020.

Till then what of governance, power and water reformers, WiFi, security….? All that will take a backseat. The Aam Nautanki Party will come out with a new drama every day and everyone will merrily cover that.

One is sure that there must be thousands of stings floating around in the party right now and they can all be released from time to time. That will get the TV ratings. So again, about governance?

Pray what is that?

As the AAP has shown in its short existence, they have absolutely no shortage of dramas, controversies and nonsensical issues to divert attention. Looking at Kejriwal, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati must be feeling really unwanted.

Never in the history of India has any man done so little and got so much praise and backing from the mainstream media. Meanwhile the Aam Aadmi Party can rename itself after Kejriwal to become the Ultimate Khaas Aadmi Party for that is what it has become.

It’s nothing about the common people of Delhi.

It’s teeny bit about AAP.

And it’s everything about the cult of Kejriwal fuelled by all the news TV channels and their endless game of TRPs.

Some talked of turning New Delhi into a New York or Shanghai.

Don’t worry—the New Delhi of the 2020s will be the Bihar of the 1990s.

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