Honey-trapped soldier passes info to ISI agent, held

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Last Updated: Thu, Nov 7th, 2019, 14:42:11hrs
Honey-trapped soldier passes info to ISI agent, held
New Delhi: The Rajasthan Police's intelligence unit on Wednesday arrested a soldier, who was honey-trapped by an agent of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, for allegedly sharing confidential and strategic information about the Indian Army with her, officials.

The soldier, Vichitra Behra, was posted in Rajasthan's Pokhran and was under surveillance. 

He, along with another soldier, was detained on Tuesday over suspicion of espionage, they said.

It was observed that Behra was in contact with the female Pakistani agent through Facebook and WhatsApp and was passing on confidential information about the Indian Army to her, a top intelligence officer said.

He said the accused soldier was sharing information in exchange for money.

According to the officer, Behra revealed during interrogation that the Pakistani agent had befriended him about two years ago.

Initially she used to chat with him on Facebook and was also in contact with him through video calling.

The agent seduced Behra into revealing confidential information. She used to deposit money in his bank accounts if the information was found correct, the officer said.

Investigation was initiated against the soldier after registering a case under the Protection of Confidential Information Act and he was arrested subsequently.

Further investigation in the case is underway, he said.

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