IITB`s Mood Indigo 2008

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 04, 2008 11:13 hrs

Mumbai: The largest college cultural festival in Asia, IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo will be held between December 20th and 23rd this year.

The four exhaustive days, entirely organized by a team of over 600 engineering students from IITB, make for a great spectacle to people belonging to every age group.

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Like every year, Mood Indigo 2008 will be about colleges anxious to win the national trophies in all genres that the cultural scene of India has to offer -- dance, dramatics, speaking, literary arts, fine arts, music and much more. It will be about the informal and lively competitions happening all over the campus, effectively catering to every person who enters the campus to have the time of their life. To add an edge of learning to this fabulous treat, Mood Indigo teams will offer various workshops, exhibitions and interactive sessions. Every day will end with flabbergasting performances by notified professionals, which will serve as the perfect dessert for the sumptuous treat of an eventful day.

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Each year Mood Indigo witness’s participation from over 500 colleges, from India and beyond, and many others who constitute the huge tally of over 60000 people that the IIT Bombay campus welcomes and accommodates over the four days of this festival.

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Given its stature and reach, Mood Indigo also takes up novel initiatives each year, to serve the society. This year Mood Indigo has come up with a Blood Donation drive, which is the first of its kind and enormity ever to be taken up by a college. This initiative is focused at the lack of blood in blood banks and hence the silent deaths of those who are not provided well enough for. The name of this campaign, to go with the collegiate spirit, has been aptly put as 'Khoon Chala '. The first phase was held form the 18th to the 24th of September and it was a great success. The drive collected 1572 units of blood over a period of 7 days. The donors included students and the staff.