Incessant rainfall destroys makeshift dam in Muzaffarpur

Source :ANI
Author :ANI
Last Updated: Tue, Jun 30th, 2020, 06:41:39hrs
Indrajit Singh, Assistant Engineer, Bagmati division speaks to ANI on Monday. (Photo/ANI)

Muzaffarpur (Bihar) [India], June 30 (ANI): Some villages near Bagmati river are facing flood-like situation after the water level rose due to incessant rainfall resulting into the destruction of a makeshift dam in the Katra block of Muzaffarpur on Monday.

The makeshift dam was built as a safety measure, near Patauri village and now it is being repaired on the orders of District Magistrate.
In a meeting held on 19th June, the District Magistrate had ordered that the dam should be repaired.
"We had started the work but when the water level increased last night, it broke the structure," Indrajit Singh, Assistant Engineer, Bagmati division, said. (ANI)