India could soon be 'least corrupt' nation

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Last Updated: Wed, May 27th, 2015, 18:08:45hrs
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India could soon be 'least corrupt' nation
Rejoice—'Tis the season of clean chits! Corruption is going away from India and we are becoming a more and more honest country.

Suddenly the number of tainted people is going down and there seem to be no tainted politicians anymore!

Take the case of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. The poor woman had a raid at her residence way back in 1997 and a disproportionate assets case foisted on her.

It hung over her like a Damocles Sword for close to two decades.

The poor soul went to jail and the people of her State were mighty happy. She recently went to jail and lost her CM’s chair. But all is well again and she has been given a 100% clean chit and can now rule without any fear.

The Congress and Karnataka Government seem unwilling to take her case further and the above mentioned rusty Damocles Sword may well be buried forever.

Then there is the case of lobbyist Niira Radia. She gained great notoriety and was the (negative) toast of the nation many years back dragging down politicians, businessmen and even poor and humble journalists down with her.

At one point she seemed to be the centre of all evil of lobbying in India tainting even the otherwise squeaky clean industrialist Ratan Tata was found squirming.

However now it seems she has done nothing and she can go back to building her empire and take it to even greater and greater heights.

All those reports and edits blasting her for absolutely nothing!

Again what was her crime? What can you charge her with? Telephone tapping showed her talking, requesting, threatening and commanding a host of things to the bigwigs of the country. But then don’t most of the politicians, businessmen and journalists do that on a regular basis? Are you going to send all of them to jail?

Then there’s former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who’s the most gigantic Mr Clean of them all. A financial whiz and the 2G scam happened under him. As Coal Minister, Coalgate happened under him.

As Atomic Energy Minister, the thorium scam allegations took place under him.

As PM a record number of scams took place under him. However it is not his fault as all the current investigation shows.

It is unlikely that he will be ever hauled up by any court. He was just mildly questioned and the entire mainstream media was traumatized with that.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi led a march in his favour. The poor man is 82 and has served his country well. Why don’t they just leave him alone?

Then there’s Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who has hundreds of crores riding over him. Why don’t they just leave alone too? That is why the whole universe conspired to give him bail in hours and ensured that the noble soul didn’t even spend one minute in jail.

Also looking at all the Tweets that came out in solidarity from the entire Bollywood fraternity one thinks that Salman should get the Nobel Peace Prize and legislation should come out ensuring that all the people who sleep on the footpath should be promptly sent in jail. Crime will then see a record low.

According to Bollywood they are the guilty parties and not the decent people who can afford money to drive cars.

Then there’s the gutsy fighter Teesta Setalvad. All the Modi haters are forever in her debt and she should not spend even one minute in jail no matter how many cases are filed against her. That is exactly what is happening.

We also have Sonia who got a lifelong clean chit the moment she married into the noble and illustrious Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

That is why even though a case is filed against her in the National Herald case, she should not even put her foot in court premises let alone being grilled there.

In fact it has also been ruled that being a Maoist is not a crime. With that in a single stroke, the number of Maoist criminals is being brought down in the thousands.

Rejoice! India is day by day becoming a safer country.

If all these clean chits continue then we shall soon be the most just and least corrupt country in the world.

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The author is a Bangalore-based journalist and blogger. He blogs here

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