ISI's veiled support to Taliban could spell serious trouble for Pak: Editorial

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 25, 2010 11:50 hrs

A recent report in The New York Times revealed Pakistan's wicked face describing how the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) conned the Central Investigation Agency (CIA) to nab the Taliban's second-in command Mullah Baradar.

The NYT report quoted one Pakistani official as saying, "We protect the Taliban. They are dependent on us. We are not going to allow them to make a deal with Karzai and the Indians," which clearly showcases the country's original motive behind arresting Baradar, however, an editorial in a Pakistani daily has warned that the move could have serious implications.

The editorial in The Daily Times said the ISI's covert support to the Taliban in order to push through its own regional strategies could backfire big time.

"What the ISI does not realise is that by supporting the Afghan Taliban and considering them 'Good Taliban', they run the risk of putting Pakistan in danger once again," it stressed.

While highlighting the apparent nexus between the Afghan and the Pakistan Taliban, the editorial said that Islamabad can ill afford to run away from the threat posed by these extremist units.

"The nexus between the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban can no longer be ignored or wished away. If the Taliban come back to power in Afghanistan, the blowback on our security could be very serious," it said. (ANI)