ISIS orders the closure of women's clinic in Syria's Raqqa

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 29, 2015 19:10 hrs

Damascus, Oct 29 (IBNS) The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Thursday ordered the closure of all women clinic in the Raqqa to stop male gynecologist from treating female patients.

The move is expected to dealt a heavy blow to the already deteriorating state of women in the ISIS occupied land of Syria. Already drawing flak for their bizarre tactics to curb the freedom of women, Observatory, a London based group of activists have further come out in protest of the ban imposed on the doctors. In a statement the Observatory said, People expressed their resentment over these steps taken by [Isis] regarding health and medical staff in the city, which already suffers from the lack of female medical staff engaged in these tasks. Abu Mohammed, the groups founder was quoted by the Independent as saying, A lot of doctors have [already] left, especially gynaecologists who were barred from practising their work and [threatened] with death. The Times reported in May about the barbaric and insane torture the ISIS puts one through, narrated by a doctor. It wrote, We see girls who are bleeding heavily from their genital area. Some of them dont know what sex is they come into the clinic playing with their dolls. Meanwhile, ISIS documents unearthed in February earlier this year, have been found to carry manifesto that directs a woman to lead a confined life away from the public eye. It also said that it was alright for women to get married at the age of nine.