Mamata's bizarre reason for rise of rapes

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 16, 2012 02:51 hrs

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said that rape cases are on a rise in the country because men and women interact with each other more freely today.

Joining the list of people, including Haryana ministers and khap panchayats who have offered unusual reasons behind the increasing number of such crimes, Banerjee also took on the media for supposedly exaggerating the reportage on rapes.

"Earlier if men and women would hold hands, they would get caught by parents and reprimanded but now everything is so open. It's like an open market with open options," the Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief said.

"Everyday rape incidents are being highlighted as if the entire state has become the land of rapists. Rape is sought to be glorified by these people. This will not be tolerated by people. I would like to say that negative journalism only destroys and it is time to champion positive journalism," she said.

Speaking at the launch of the festive edition of the Trinamool Congress mouthpiece "Jago Bangla" in Kolkata, Banerjee took on the media further saying certain news channels were targeting her government by dishing out "canards and exaggerated and negative news items".

"Wrong news items and canards are being circulated by a section of the media, particularly some news channels, to target my government. They are even distorting my own version," Banerjee said.