Maximize LS seats, everything else be damned

Last Updated: Sun, Feb 16, 2014 19:52 hrs

With the Lok Sabha elections around the corner, all political parties have their eyes firmly on winning as many seats as possible. Most of the questions raised about these parties have exactly the same answer...

Q1: Why did the BJP take back Yedyurappa?

A: So that they can win more Lok Sabha seats.

BS Yedyurappa may have built the BJP in Karnataka, but he also destroyed it. First he refused to quit over corruption charges involving the Reddy brothers. Then when his replacement Sadananda Gowda was doing well, he foisted his choice Jagadish Shettar. If that wasn’t enough, he quit the party soon after and destroyed the BJP in the Assembly elections.

Despite that the BJP have taken back Yedyurappa. And despite taking him back they are not making much use of him as of now. So what purpose did it serve?

The answer is simple. In the 2013 elections, the Congress got 36.6% vote share and the BJP was way behind with 20%. Yedyurappa’s KJP may not have won many seats, but it did get a 9.8% vote share. They just wanted that vote share back for the Lok Sabha polls.

The gambit seems to have worked. Every successive opinion poll is showing the BJP getting more and more LS seats and in the last one it finally got a greater vote share than the Congress despite getting lesser seats!

Q2: Why is the Congress pushing Telangana so hard?

A: So that they can win more Lok Sabha seats.

The people of Seemandhra don’t want Telangana. Most Congress MLAs don’t want Telangana.Most AP Congress MPs don’t want Telangana. The State is being destroyed by indecision, inaction, agitations and lack of long-term vision over Telangana.

The Lok Sabha has been plunged into anarchy thanks to the Congress infighting. And yet the Congress is pushing Telangana as if there is no tomorrow. At this stage it’s more practical for the next Central government to handle it.

But then they won’t get more LS seats now would they? The Congress was getting wiped out in AP, but if they gave statehood to Telangana, then they could at least get MPs from that region (the TRS was talking of merging with the Congress), the rest of the State be damned.

Q3: Why did the AAP quit from Delhi?

A: So that they can win more Lok Sabha seats.

States have a Lokayukta. India has a Lokpal. So how can you foist a Jan Lokpal over these two? It’s impractical and sounds silly and no wonder they couldn’t introduce it in the Assembly. Also if the AAP feels so passionately about the Jan Lokpal, then they could have spent a great deal more time pushing it. But they withdrew at the first given opportunity.

Kejriwal wanted to focus on the LS polls and he has been trying to quit desperately ever since he took over and this gave him the chance. Kejriwal gives two hoots over the problems of the citizens of Delhi and just wants to campaign nationally and get more Lok Sabha seats.

Q4: Why did the SP shut down the riot camps?

A: So that they can win more Lok Sabha seats.

The UP riots were dragging on too long for the SP government and clouding everything from junkets and film shows. Then there were stories of cold and other problems in riot camps. So they simply shut the riot camps.

Haven’t you noticed how all the stories dried up after they shut down the camps? Now they can concentrate on the elections and get more seats.

Q5: Why did the JD(U) part ways with BJP?

A: So that they can win more Lok Sabha seats.

With a BJP-JD(U) alliance, the latter couldn’t contest all the LS seats in Bihar and what if Narendra Modi chased away the Muslim vote? That’s why Nitish Kumar decided to go it alone in the hope of sweeping Bihar. This seems to have backfired spectacularly.

Q6: Why is the MNS suddenly launching a high-profile toll campaign?

A: So that they can win more Lok Sabha seats.

The MNS was formed in 2006 and toll problems have been around for donkey’s years, ever since tolls were first introduced in the country in fact: So why this sudden urgency now? It’s simple. You can beat poor taxi drivers for only a few days, but you can conduct a toll campaign for months well into the LS elections and hope to pick up 5-6 seats in the process as so far only the BJP-Shiv Sena seemed to be cashing in on the anti-Congress-NCP sentiment.

Q7: Why did the NCP and NC suddenly praise Modi?

A: So that they can win more Lok Sabha seats.

Imagine a BJP-Shiv Sena-NCP grand alliance sweeping all the seats of Maharashtra. NC is still strong in the Valley and BJP is gaining traction in Jammu. An alliance could sweep J&K. All this sounds far-fetched, but must have been at least discussed and that’s why the parties suddenly started praising Modi. The same goes with DMK and Tamil Nadu though that won’t happen for now.

Like this there are many more questions relating these and many other parties and they all have the same answer.

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