Migrants stuck at border, UP Police deny entry, Delhi Police refuse to let them go back

Source : ANI
Author : ANI
Last Updated: Sat, May 23rd, 2020, 00:03:38hrs
Migrant workers along with their family at Delhi-Ghaziabad border on Friday. Photo/ANI

By Ankur Sharma

New Delhi [India], May 23 (ANI): A flyover at NH 24 at Delhi-Ghaziabad border has become a trap for workers since Friday morning, who are trying to reach their native places in Bihar as well as in Uttar Pradesh. They have reached here from Haryana and parts of Delhi, but don't know how to carry their further journey.
Various migrants with a hope of catching a bus to reach their destinations have gathered under the flyover and in the open ground close to the border. They managed to reach the border after paying a hefty amount to Delhi's auto drivers.
According to the migrants, the Uttar Pradesh Police are not allowing them to move towards Ghaziabad and the Delhi police are not allowing them to move back to their places and now they are forced to stay there with kids. Dozens of families at the border are also depending on good Samaritan, who are giving food to them as no one has helped or approached them for help.
"I want to go to Uttar Pradesh but now I am stuck here only as the Uttar Pradesh Police are not allowing me and my family to move ahead and the Delhi Police are not allowing us to go back to our place. We will stay here until we get the bus to reach our destination even if it takes days. We have kids along with us but we will stay here only with the hope that we may get a bus," Jeevan Lal told ANI.
Migrants have reached the border after getting a piece of information that they will get a bus to various cities in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar from the border. They are carrying heavy baggage, household items, etc., along with kids.
"I got to know that we can reach Kanpur by catching a bus from the Delhi-Ghaziabad border. I had paid Rs 700 to two autos from Malviya Nagar to Anand Vihar, who assured us that they will help us to get a bus from the border. But both of them dropped us at this place (under the flyover) and left," said Geetanjali Devi, who has reached the border along with her family and children.
So far no one from the administration has approved any migrants regarding food for giving information about the transportation. Similarly, grains from Haryana also reaching Delhi Ghaziabad border.
"I started my journey from Manesar with my family. First I reached Kapashera border and took an auto. After paying a heavy amount to them, I managed to reach here. Have 3-year-old daughter, my wife and our son along with us. Problem is that the Delhi Police are not allowing us to go back to our place. I don't have enough money to pay auto drivers to reach back home," said Raj Kumar, who reached Delhi-Ghaziabad border from Manesar. (ANI)