Muslims asked to help dispel doubts about Islam

Last Updated: Fri, Jun 11, 2010 07:50 hrs

/WAM) Muslim intellectuals from across the world have asked people from the community to be more involved in public life in an effort to dispel misconceptions about Islam.

Experts at an international conference on 'Islam and Media in Europe: How to Face Islamophobia?' held in Lille, France, recommended establishing dialogue with intellectuals, opinion leaders and media professionals in Western countries.

Such dialogue should be initiated by institutions working for dissemination of information in the Muslim world and human rights organisations, with an aim to end the adverse impact of 'Islamphobia'.

The conference called for a more active role of information and cultural advisors in embassies of Muslim countries in Western nations.

Participants also asked Muslim entrepreneurs to invest in media institutions, which can counter smear campaigns against Islam.