Mystery "dream" man becomes internet hit!

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 28, 2009 08:00 hrs

A website asking people to give information on a mysterious man that thousands of people across the globe claim to have seen in dreams has become an instant hit.

The site,, says that a woman first drew the face of the mystery man during a session with her psychiatrist three years ago, after he repeatedly appeared in her dreams, reports the Sun.

The site also claims that the woman confessed to have never seen or met the man.

When another patient saw the sketch on the psychiatrist's desk, he also claimed to have dreamt of the man.

When the doctor sent the picture to his colleagues, some of their patients too recognized the man.

And now the picture that was posted on the Internet just two weeks ago, has become a phenomenon - the traffic on has suddenly skyrocketed.

Although, thousands of people around the world claimed to have seen the face in their dreams, critics have dubbed it as a complete hoax. (ANI)