Nation wide ban on endosulfan not viable: Pawar

Last Updated: Wed, Apr 20, 2011 12:30 hrs

New Delhi: Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on Wednesday said it will not be viable to impose a country wide ban on pesticide endosulfan due to suspected health hazards.

Endosulfan, a pesticide introduced in the 1950's, is used in 70 crops like vegetables, fruits, paddy, cotton, cashew, tea, coffee, tobacco and timber crops.

While there is a ban on use of the pesticide in Kerala since 2003, the Karnataka government had also forbid its use two months ago.

"If we have to take any decision (on endosulfan ban) at national level, we have to consult other states also. We cannot take a decision of national level on the request of one," Pawar told reporters in reply to a question on the sidelines of an event here.

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In the last two decades many countries have recognised the hazards of wide application of Endosulfan and have banned or restricted its use.

India is a major producer of endosulfan with an annual production of 9,000 tonnes. The domestic market for this pesticide is estimated to be Rs 350-400 crore annually.