Neeraj Grover murder case: gory details emerge

Last Updated: Fri, May 23, 2008 18:30 hrs

Mumbai: More details were emerging in the TV official Neeraj Grover murder case even as the probe into it was today handed over to the crime branch of Mumbai police for further investigations.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Shivaji Bodke said the probe has been handed over to the crime branch on instructions of senior officials as it is a very high-profile and sensitive case, which requires expertise.

Crime Branch Chief Rakesh Maria said, Kannada actress Marrayya Monica Susayraj was probably using her proximity to Grover - a creative director with the TV production house Synergy Adlabs - for landing an assignment while the latter seems to be emotionally involved with her.

Susayraj and her fiancé Lt M L Jerome Mathew allegedly killed Grover as a result of a "love triangle" on May 7. They chopped his body and burnt it at a secluded place in neighbouring Thane district's Manor the same evening.

On May 12, five days after the murder, Susayraj went to police along with her elder brother and some others saying Grover had been missing.

"I told her that she was a prime suspect in the case during that meeting itself as Grover had stayed in her apartment on the night of May 6," Maria said.

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Susayraj has told investigators that Grover was killed by Mathew on the morning of May 7 after she had a physically intimate night with the deceased. After the murder, Mathew slapped her and both of them had sex while Grover's corpse was lying in the same apartment, Maria said.

After the physical intimacy the couple planned how to dispose Grover's body and Mathew asked Susayraj to get certain articles from a nearby mall.

According to police, an agitated Mathew had arrived in Mumbai on the morning of May 7 after hearing Grover's voice while speaking to Susayraj the earlier night.

Maria today said Grover had not provoked Mathew in any way and said the latter had picked up a kitchen knife after having an altercation with the creative head, which was used for stabbing.

Meanwhile, Maria said it took three hours for Mathew to chop Grover's body into multiple pieces by which Susayraj had arrived from the mall with sport bags, air freshners and new furnishings.

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The couple took an auto to a choreographer's house, picked up his Santro car and arrived at the apartment again. They took three bags containing Grover's body till the car and Susayraj also introduced Mathew as her fiance to the building watchman.

Mathew had been to Manor earlier while being on a training course in Lonavala's INS Shivaji and drove down at a secluded place where they burned the body.

They came back to Mumbai at 2130 hrs and Susayraj handed over Grover's mobile phone to his friends, saying he had forgotten it at her place.

The next day, Susayraj changed the furnishings in the house and also applied a fresh coat of paint to a part of the wall, which had blood stains.

Both Susayraj and Mathew have been arrested and have been remanded to police custody till May 29.

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